"Donsol" to be screened in UP Film Institute

Donsol stars Angel Aquino and Sid Lucero play Teresaand Daniel, two people who have unforgettable encounters in the province ofSorsogon. It will be screened at the University of the Philippines FilmInstitute this Monday, September 17.

For September 2007, the University of the Philippines FilmInstitute screens films to distinctly mark the anniversary month for theinvention of the movies, the declaration of Martial Law, and the 9/11 terroristattacks on the World Trade Center.

The UP Film Institute is proud to present the landmarkomnibus film, Imahe Nasyon, among its lineup of screenings forSeptember. An official selection for the 20th Singapore International FilmFestival where it had its international premiere last April, Imahe Nasyon screenson all the Saturdays this month (Sept 1, 8, 15, 22, 29) at 7 p.m. onwards.

This month also includes screenings of Adolf Alix Jr.'stouching drama shot in Sorsogon, the indie film Donsol. This Bicycle Pictures Production stars AngelAquino and Sid Lucero.


Sept 17 Mon 2 p.m./Sept 18 Tue 2/7 p.m./Sept 22 Sat 5 p.m.
Wide Sargasso Sea
A Golden Films Release
From the author of Quartet
A young woman in the Caribbean goes through an arranged marriage, lust and
madness all in the tropical night.
Direction: John Duigan. Screenplay from Jean Rhys' novel: John Duigan, Carole Angier,Jan Sharp. Cast: Karina Lombard, Nathaniel Parker, Rachel Ward, Michael York
1993 98 minutes 35mm color
For mature viewing

Sept 17 Mon 5/7 p.m.
A Bicycle Pictures Production
A lonesome whaleshark guide is drawn to a mysterious woman burdened like him
by a past heartache.
Winner of Spirit of Independent Award-2006 Fort Lauderdale International FilmFestival; Special Jury Prize-2006 Asian Marine Film Festival, Japan; BestCinematography, Best Actress for Angel Aquino-2006 Cinemalaya Philippine IndependentFilm Festival

Direction and Screenplay: Adolfo Alix Jr.

Cast: Angel Aquino, Sid Lucero, Cherie Gil, Jaclyn Jose,Bembol Roco, Mark Gil, Simon Ibarra
2006 103 minutes 35mm color

Sept 18 Tue 5 p.m.
Fantastic Four-Rise of the Silver Surfer
A 20th Century Fox Release through Warner Bros. Pictures
Severe threats face the quartet of superheroes as an enigmatic silver surferarrives with a planetary destruction in mind and their main nemesis staging ashocking return.
Direction: Tim Story. Screenplay from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's characters:
Don Payne, Mark Frost.


Cast: Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, JessicaAlba, Julian McMahon, Kerry Washington, Laurence Fishburne.
2007 92 minutes 35mm color

Sept 19 Wed 7 p.m./Sept 20 Thu 2/5/7 p.m./Sept 24 Mon 2/7:30 p.m.
Mr. Bean's Holiday
A United International Pictures Release through Solar Entertainment
A curious, bumbling, nearly silent chap travels to the south of France for aholiday with his video diary to wind up as a world premiere at Cannes.
Direction: Steve Bendelack. Screenplay from Rowan Atkinson and Robin
Driscoll-created character: Hamish McColl, Robin Driscoll.

Cast: Rowan Atkinson, Willem Dafoe, Emma de Caunes, MaxBaldry, Jean Rochefort, Karel
2007 90 minutes 35mm color

Sept 22 Sat 2/7 p.m.
The Lover
A Golden Films Release
She gave her innocence, her passion, her body. The one thing she couldn't givewas her love.
A young French school girl embarks on a torrid love affair with a wealthyChinese man in 1929 French colonial Vietnam. Based on the autobiographicalnovel by French author Marguerite Duras whose youthful, real-life romancecaused a scandal in her time.

Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography- 1993 Academy Awards; Nomination forBest Foreign Film-1993 Japanese Academy Awards; Winner of Best Music-1993 CesarAwards of France among more awards and distinctions

Direction: Jean-Jacques Annaud. Screenplay from MargueriteDuras' novel: Jean-Jacques Annaud, Gerard Brach.

Cast: Jane March, Tony Leung
For mature viewing with graphic and explicit sexuality
1992 115 minutes 35mm color

Sept 24 Mon 5 p.m.
A United International Pictures Release through Solar Entertainment
Two warring alien robot races wage their latest battle on Earth leaving the
fate of mankind hanging in the balance.

Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet-2007 MTV Movie Awards

Direction: Michael Bay . Screenplay: Roberto Orci, AlexKurtzman.

Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel, AnthonyAnderson, Megan Fox.
2007 144 minutes 35mm color

Mass Media Awareness Special Presentation

Sept 10 Mon 5 p.m./Sept 11 Tue 5 p.m./Sept 13 Thu 2/7 p.m.
Thank You for Smoking
A 20th Century Fox Release through Warner Bros. Pictures
Big Tobacco's chief spokesman spins on behalf of the embattled industry whiletrying to remain a role model for his 12-year-old son.


Best Screenplay-2007 Independent Spirit Awards; Best Directorial Debut-2006Annual Awards, National Board of Review; Best First Feature-2006 Annual Awards,Toronto Film Critics Association; Nomination for Best Motion Picture-Musical orComedy, Best Actor in a Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy for Aaron Eckhart-2007Golden Globe Awards; Official Selection-2006 Sundance Film Festival; OfficialSelection-2005 Toronto Film Festival

Direction and Screenplay from Christopher Buckley's novel: Jason Reitman.
Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Maria Bello, Cameron Bright, Adam Brody, Sam Elliott
2006 92 minutes 35mm color
For mature viewing with language and sexual content

Sabado Nights with Imahe Nasyon

Imahe Nasyon (Digital Viva, 2006, 120 minutes)showcases a breathtaking collection of shorts by 20 alternative filmmakersoffering their respective visions of Philippine nationhood 20 years after thePeople Power Revolution that toppled the Marcos Regime in 1986.

Featured filmmakers are Lav Diaz, Raymond Red, Roxlee, Neil Daza, Ellen Ramos,Robert Quebral, Paolo Villaluna, Mes de Guzman, Topel Lee, Emman de la Cruz,Lyle Sacris, Milo Paz, RA Rivera, Sigfried Barros-Sanchez, Tad ErmitaƱo, OgiSugatan, Poklong Anading, EJ Salcedo, Dennis Empalmado and Yeye Calderon.

The groundbreaking omnibus of shorts was conceptualized and line-produced byJon Red and Carol Bunuan Red for Digital Viva.

Special Full Run for In Da Red Korner directed by Dado C.Lumibao (Sept 12 Wednesday) and Anino ng Setyembre directed by Briccio Santos(Sept 20 Thursday).

Screening schedules:

Sept 17 Monday
Wide Sargasso Sea 2 p.m.
Donsol 5/7 p.m.
@ the Videotheque: In da Red Korner 5:30/7:30 p.m.

Sept 18 Tuesday
Wide Sargasso Sea 2/7 p.m.
Fantastic Four-Rise of the Silver Surfer 5 p.m.
@ the Videotheque: In da Red Korner 5:30/7:30 p.m.

Sept 19 Wednesday
I-Witness Documentary Festival 2 p.m. onwards
Mr. Bean's Holiday 7 p.m.

Sept 20 Thu
Mr. Bean's Holiday 2/5/7 p.m.
@ the Videotheque: Anino ng Setyembre 5:30/7:30 p.m.

Sept 21 Fri
Friday Film Bar 6:30 p.m.
(Featured Performer: Cynthia Alexander; Free Films: Misteryo ng Hapis/Todo
Todo Teros)

Sept 22 Sat
The Lover 2/7 p.m.
Wide Sargasso Sea 5 p.m.
@ the Videotheque: Imahenasyon 7 p.m.

Sept 24 Mon
Mr. Bean's Holiday 2/7:30 p.m.
Transformers 5 p.m.
@ the Videotheque: Anino ng Setyembre 5:30/7:30 p.m.

Sept 25 Tue-Sept 27 Thu
Korean Film Festival 2007

Sept 28 Fri
Friday Film Bar 6:30 p.m.
(Featured Performer: Ligaya Fernando Amilbangsa and the Alun-Alun Dance
Circle ; Free Films: Pirouette/Ang Magpakailanman/ Anino)

Sept 29 Sat
@ the Videotheque: Imahenasyon 7 p.m.

Oct 1 Mon
@ the Videotheque: Anino ng Setyembre 5:30/7:30 p.m.

Oct 2 Tue
@ the Videotheque: Anino ng Setyembre 5:30/7:30 p.m.

Oct 3 Wed 2/5/7 p.m.
Australian Film Festival

Oct 4 Thu 2/5/7 p.m.
Australian Film Festival

Oct 5 Fri
Friday Film Bar (Featured Performer: The Dawn; Free Films: Tulad ng Dati,One-Man Show)






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