Zanjoe Marudo tells Bea Alonzo: "Ikaw ang pantasya ko!”

Bea Alonzo pointed out that a full-length film featuring her and boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo might not work for them. “Siguro mas lalong magiging weird for us, for both of us, kasi hindi kami sanay na nakikipagtrabaho sa ka-relasyon namin.” Then again, it would depend on the material, said Bea. In Star Cinema’s latest romantic-comedy 24/7 In Love, the real-life couple play best friends—a gay and a tomboy-ish girl— who al

One of the most laugh-out-loud and touching scenes in Star Cinema’s latest romantic flick 24/7 In Love, come from Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo’s episode.

The real-life couple portray long time best friends Butch and Isabel—a chic gay and a boyish girl—whose friendship is tested when both develop feelings for the other. What initiates this is Butch’s admission to a fashion school in Milan, which take the two friend’s relationship to a vulnerable state.

Knowing they would soon have to learn to live apart, Isabel becomes overly expressive of how much she loves Butch. On the other hand, Butch realizes how much Isabel means to him and his character suddenly questions his (homo)sexuality.

Seeing Zanjoe knock out a gay role is perhaps one of the highlights of 24/7 In Love. Meanwhile, his and Bea’s humor come off as very natural on the big screen. One could actually imagine how funny the pair is around each other in their private time together.

At the premiere night of 24/7 In Love where Bea and Zanjoe just radiated their happy-couple glow, the two were overwhelmed by the reaction of the audience to their hilarious episode.

In a short post-screening interview, Zanjoe joked that he was cringing in his seat the whole time while the scenes were played out.

Bea kidded, “Nagduda na ako bigla sa kanya!”

When asked if they are ready to take their onscreen tandem to a full-length film, both interestingly answered, “Mahirap yun!”

Zanjoe pointed out, “Hindi ko iniisip, e. Hindi pumapasok sa isip ko yun.”


On Bea’s end, the actress thought it would feel strange: “Siguro mas lalong magiging weird for us, for both of us kasi hindi kami sanay na nakikipagtrabaho sa ka-relasyon namin.

“Except for this one na mabilis lang at hindi naman siya ganung kabigat na project.

“Pero siguro kung merong magandang istorya na darating sa landas namin, para sa akin, sa tingin ko, why not?”

Finally asked if the Bea-Zanjoe team-up would work in a drama or a comedy, the blooming actress quipped, “I really don’t know. It depends on the material.”

Zanjoe cracked, “Hindi ko alam, e. Siguro ano, fantasy!”

Laughing at her boyfriend’s joke, Bea turned to Zanjoe, “Bakit fantasy?”

He replied, “Siyempre ikaw ang pantasya ko!”





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