Richard Gutierrez felt comfortable shooting sexy scenes with real-life girlfriend Sarah Lahbati and co-star Solenn Heussaff: “That’s the job.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to interview a pleased Richard Gutierrez a few minutes after the celebrity screening of Seduction at the Cineplex, Gateway Mall in Cubao last Tuesday, January 29.

The GMA-7 actor and host admitted how happy and overwhelmed he was that the audience responded positively to the sexy romance drama.

He told “Parang naramdaman ko na we actually did something good. It makes me proud and it makes me humble at the same time…”

Seduction stars Richard as the attractive Abraham, a fire fighter having financial problems because of his father, who is suffering from kidney disease. His problem is even made difficult when two women enter his life under different circumstances.

Initially, Abraham is led to the flamboyant and eccentric Sophia (portrayed by model turned actress Solenn Heussaff) when a fire occurs at an inn that she was staying in. After Abraham rescues her, the half-Filipina, half-French beauty orchestrates a way for her and Abraham to get to know each other. Eventually, Abraham is seduced by Sophia and together they engage in an affair.


Meanwhile, Abraham crosses paths with the sweet-faced and gentle Trina (played by 19-year-old Sarah Lahbati) who owns a restaurant/inn nearby his home. Behind Trina’s tranquil demeanor is the story of how she was left by a previous lover to whom she was about to get married to. Abraham meets Trina about the same time he rescued Sophia from the accident.

Abraham is drawn to both women for different reasons—Sophia for her seductive nature and Trina for the sacrifices she makes for him. The film depicts Sophia as fire and Trina as water—a facet of Seduction that raises the sensuality of the movie apart from the steamy love scenes.

During the interview, Richard described how playing Abraham tested his acting skills. The actor points out, “The whole experience is going to be memorable for me.”

How exactly did he handle shooting the love scenes with Sarah, his real-life girlfriend, and Solenn, who he was linked to in the past?


Richard answered, “That’s the job and it’s a tough task but Direk Peque helped us.”

It was not awkward at all, the actor stressed. He admits, “We’re all comfortable with each other. I’ve known Solenn before she became an artista.”

Richard and Solenn starred in the 2011 romantic comedy My Valentine Girls. On the one hand, the actor had the chance to get to know Sarah while working on the GMA-7 teleserye, Makapiling Kang Muli.

He added, “I’ve known Sarah for quite a long time also. We’ve done intimate scenes and we’re very comfortable with each other.

“We’ve also had workshops… that helped a lot. Of course Direk Peque is there to guide us.”

Seeing the outcome of Seduction, Richard believes they have achieved their goals for the movie: “We were able to do the objective of the scene, which makes us feel good na naggawa namin nang tama.”


Finally asked who between the two beautiful women did he find more difficult shooting the scenes with, Richard smiles and replied, “It’s all hard because we’re actually portraying characters.

“It’s not me and Sarah, you know what I mean?

“We have to hit a certain emotion, we have to hit a certain connection. So, it’s all tough. It’s all a tough job.”

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