Richard Gutierrez is reunited with Marian Rivera for the romantic comedy My Lady Boss

“It’s good kasi after five years, yung chemistry saka yung rapport namin ni Marian [Rivera], parang hindi nagbago.” Richard Gutierrez was last paired with Marian in the romantic-comedy My Best Friend’s Girlfriend (2008). The actor/TV host says that the Marimar star has come a long way: “Makikita mo talaga na iba na yung growth niya as an actress. Oo, confident na siya.”

From the dark and sexy drama Seduction, Richard Gutierrez returns to the romantic-comedy genre. The upcoming GMA Films/Regal Films post-Valentines offering, My Lady Boss, stars the Kapuso hunk with Marian Rivera, who will portray the titular role described as a “boss from hell.”

Last Saturday, and invited entertainment writers were able to visit the stars of My Lady Boss while they were filming in Fairlane, West Fairview, Quezon City.

Richard describes his second movie project for 2013 as “refreshing.”

He explained, “It’s very refreshing to do another rom-com after doing Seduction na talagang intense, mabigat, deep into the character. Parang it’s entertaining, it’s light…

“Parang I was looking forward to this movie after Seduction kasi dito enjoy lang kami, nagpapatawa kami. Although, serioso pa rin yung acting siyempre. Pero it’s lighter!”

Five years after Richard and Marian starred in the 2008 romantic flick My Best Friend’s Girlfriend, the GMA-7 prime talents are now cast in a film that would require them to be more daring.

Richard said about My Lady Boss: “Romantic-comedy pa rin… Pero mas matured na yung mga characters, yung kuwento.

“Sa BFGF, yung kiss namin dun, smack lang. This time medyo ano na… maraming mga intimate scenes. Pero may mga comedy rin na magugulat kayo.”

Despite the hiatus of their onscreen pairing, Richard is happy that their chemistry remains: “Yung rapport namin ni Marian, parang hindi nagbago. So, ang sarap sa set. Tawanan lang kami nang tawanan!”

AN EVEN BETTER MARIAN. According to Richard, My Lady Boss is a movie project long shelved by GMA Films. The production outfit cast him to play the leading man right from the start.

Upon hearing news that the production will push through and that the beautiful Marian will play the “lady boss,” Richard found himself thankful.


“Nung sinabi na si Marian, sabi ko, ‘Mas maganda. Perfect kung si Marian.’

“May taray siya pero may comic timing. Puwede ring sexy kaya alam mo na swak na swak,” the actor stated.

In the film, Richard will play Zach, a rich, handsome, and overconfident guy who will seek work experience in Evelyn’s (Marian) company. As a “lady boss,” Evelyn is sketched as demanding, tough, blunt, and uptight. While the two characters’s personalities and egos will clash at the beginning of the story, Zach and Evelyn will eventually fall for each other.

During the interview, Richard mentioned that Marian, whom he calls by her nickname “Yan,” has indeed evolved as an actress.

He shared, “Dati kasi nung ginawa namin yung movie namin, parang kaka-start lang ng Marimar. So, I can say na medyo bago pa si Yan nung time na yun.

Ngayon, makikita mo talaga na iba na yung growth niya as an actress. Oo, confident siya.

“Kumbaga, yung character niya mas dine-define niya tuwing pinag-uusapan namin yung mga characters.

“Tapos yung comic timing niya, for me, parang pasok na pasok talaga, e! Kasi galing niya, e. Kahit off-cam nakakatawa siya, e.”

If anything, Richard admires his My Lady Boss co-star’s professionalism. He narrated how Marian would always come prepared on shooting days despite coming from the taping of her soap, Temptation of Wife.

“Kahit na nagte-taping ng soap, pagdating dito, kahit walang tulog, mukhang may tulog, alam mo yun?

“Kahit three or four hours lang ang tulog, kaya mag-deliver ng lines, ng acting.

“Ako, personally, ako, hindi ko kaya yun. Kailangan ko ng full sleep before another long hours of work.

“Pero si Yan, bilib ako, kahit konting tulog lang, energetic pa rin. Hindi ko nga alam kung sa’n niya nakukuha yung energy niya, e!”


“MAANGAS, OBNOXIOUS, PILYO.” Richard makes it a point to put a bit of himself in every character he does. Asked how he relates to his character in My Lady Boss, Richard said Zach reminds him of his old high school self.

With an amused expression on his face, the actor recalled, “Kasi nung high school ako, parang ganyan din ako, e.

“Medyo pilyo, tapos marami akong strict na teachers pero nakukuha ko yung heart nila by using charm.

“You have to use your charm pag ganyang mga matataray, masusungit na teachers. Lagi kong ginagamitan ng charm!”

While Zach is admirable because he is smart, Richard said that the character is flawed in so many ways.

“The way he deals with people is kind of medyo maangas, obnoxious.

“E, nung high school ako, medyo ganun ako, e— pilyo. Minsan pinapatawag yung parents ko sa school. May mga ganun, di ba?

Laughing out loud, he added, “Wala, I guess I was just happy surrounded by friends. E, alam mo naman pag high school, di ba? Minsan you get bored, you want to do something stupid.

“So ang nangyayari talaga, yun nga, friends ko naman lahat ng teachers ko, hindi ko naman sila naging enemies or anything.”

What happens to Zach towards the end of the plot?

Richard merely replied, “Malaki yung turning point ni Zach na nag-mature siya, na-realize niya when he started working…"

Will he be changed by Marian’s character?

Richard hinted, “Something like that siguro. But I think it as not just Marian’s character, it was also the relationship in the office— how he matures working in the office and the different situations.

“Maraming mangyayari sa kuwento na matsa-challenge si Zach and make him grow up.”

Finally asked if obnoxious men in real life are tamed by dominant women like Evelyn, Richard stated, “I think so. I think when you find your match, eventually your world changes and you start thinking differently and maturely.”






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