Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim handpicked Cesar Montano to bring life to his story


"While some people are wont to say that Alfredo S. Lim: The Untold Story maybe seen as a propaganda vehicle to promote the life of a politician, actor-director-producer Cesar Montano begs to differ.

"Cesar, handpicked by Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim himself not only to play his character on the big screen in the fourth (and probably the last) installment of the movie version of his real life exploits, says “we are very proud of our movie. There was a conscious effort on the part of everyone involved in the production to come up with a film that tells a beautiful story. When you watch the movie, there is no propaganda involved. We are hoping you will see what we saw--an extraordinary individual, a hero in his own right, that aims to inspire and teach by just being himself,” he said.

"Cesar added that this movie on the life of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim will reveal the facet of the public figure never before seen by the public. “In the movie, we will have a better insight into the character of the Mayor. His roots, the travails and tragedies he faced even as a child, and all these events that led to him turning up to be the great man that he is today.”

"Cesar said their plan is to enter this movie in film festivals abroad. “We know that this is the kind of movie that will interest the international movie audience, too. We have high hopes that we can bring this to them.”

"The actor-director and producer is feeling the pressure because he is also doing a heavy drama soap opera for TV5 with superstar Nora Aunor and Alice Dixson billed Never Say Goodbye. The long hours he spends for both projects oftentimes leave him exhausted. But he is not complaining. He said, “Sometimes it’s really very challenging but the adrenaline just kicks in every time. The satisfaction is also very rewarding. The freedom to give life to the character, to direct where the story will go, and the fruition of all the hard work you put into it, it is simply priceless.”

"Cesar started working on the movie last November and had been working non-stop everyday. “When I don’t have taping for TV5, you will find me shooting and editing for Turning Cradle,” he said.

"Joining Cesar in the big-budgetted movie are great actors and thespians who delivered outstandingly and completed the movie’s vision: Nonie Buencamino, Tirso Cruz III, Gina Pareno, Spanky Manikan, Gloria Romero, Alessandra De Rossi, Marc Abaya, Alwyn Uytingco, Alvin Anson, among others. Also in the cast are Ara Mina, Jackielou Blanco, Richard Quan, Rommel Montano, Jeffrey Tam, Raquel Pareno, Migs Cuaderno and Isabel Granada.

Alfredo S. Lim: The Untold Story will have a premiere night on February 26 at the SM Manila. Regular playdate begins February 27 at your favorite theaters."

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