Arnel Pineda says Cristine Reyes suited to portray his wife in biopic

Arnel Pineda has been touring the world ever since he became part of Journey since 2007.

Journey has been named one of the best American rock bands in history as their songs are arena rock staples and played on rock radio stations across the world. They have sold over 47 million albums sold in the United States, with worldwide sales reaching over 80 million albums.

Though the band is on hiatus, Arnel cannot sing any of his songs from the Journey band line-up. During the 10th anniversary of Puregold’s "Ang Tindahan ni Aling Puring," he explained: "Kasama yan sa contract, e. Di talaga pwede, sacred, e. This explains why he cannot perform any Journey-related song even during private functions.

Did Arnel ever have a hard time adjusting to his bandmates?

He recalls, "Hindi na, e, kasi ano na tayo…since I was 14 years old, nasa street na tayo, e, so kumbaga yung way na street smart na rin ako, marami na rin ako na meet na iba't-ibang klase ng tao at nakasama."

This sort of background really made it easy for Arnel to gel with the group. "Yung pagiging street smart ko, kaya mas madali ko sila nakagaanan ng loob kasi I can just talk to them easily on anything."

The Pinoy singer says about his Journey bandmates, "We're good, good friends, parang barkada na rin, you know, like kung ano yung mga banda dito na nagsasama, ganoon of course, minus the kalokohan nga, e, kasi we've all grown older ng mga kasama ko."

Their latest album Eclipse was released two years ago. Arnel reveals, "We're trying to convince Neal Schon to make a new album, ako kung ano madecide nila I'll just go with the flow."

Journey was supposed to have a March 21 concert at the Mall of Asia Arena but it was cancelled. When asked when the concert will push through, Arnel admitted that there is no final date yet.

BIOPIC ON ARNEL PINEDA. The life story of Arnel from the slums of Manila to star-spangled hysteria was captured by the documentary of Ramona S. Diaz titled Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey.

It received favorable reviews from critics and The New York Times described Arnel Pineda as a "delightfully upbeat person with a serviceable voice." Don’t Stop Believin’ went on to win the Audience Choice Award during the 24th Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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This time, Arnel wants his biography to be depicted as a full-length feature film. "Gusto ko magawa siya as pelikula, di lang documentary kasi mayroon na documentary movie."

He reveals there are initial plans laid out already. "Mayroon na dalawang investors na willing, it will be released internationally, sana matuloy. I'm crossing my fingers..."

Has he identified someone to play him already? Arnel takes a while to explain this, "Gumanap as ako, nahihirapan kami, e."

He quips, "Kasi alam mo naman, puro gwapo yung mga ano natin …Gusto ko as realistic as possible yung actor na kuha talaga yung mukha ko. E, mahirap walang pangit sa kanila, e, ang trend dito sa movies kahit maliit gwapo talaga..."

"Siguro we will sit on it and think about it, kasi nasa pagpili pa lang naman ng cast, e."

Has he already chosen an actress to play his wife? Arnel doesn't hesitate to share, "Ay naku, kailangan chinita na maganda, siguro more of Cristine Reyes, kasi kahawig ng wife ko, e."

Does he plan to appear in his movie, as a cameo or even as a supporting actor? Arnel admits, "Of course, of course I would be very much happy, siguro barkada ng Arnel Pineda nung unang panahon."

How about the appearance of his Journey bandmates? Arnel reveals, "Hopefully, mag-join sila kasi, I think it would be very, very meaningful for the movie kung sasali talaga sila especially si Neal [Schon] because he was a very big part of yung discovery ko. Kung di dahil sa kanya, wala ako doon sa Journey."

ARNEL THE ACTOR? With the limelight constantly on him, has Arnel ever considered acting? He laughs as he admits, "Acting...pumapasok sa isip ko, pero di ko alam saan category ako mapupunta, pero I would like to try, unti-unti siguro kailangan ko mag-crash course."

Does he want to try any specific field of acting—would it be comedy or drama? Is he willing to try theater? He says, "Mas gusto ko heavy, e, mga drama or action drama, mas gusto ko yun, e, yung character actor talaga."

He even provides a list of Filipino actors that he really admires. "Sila Christopher de Leon, si Jhong Hilario, I like his depth, si Coco Martin lalo na yung mga indie movies niya I like those, ang dami pa, si Piolo Pascual lalo na yung role na niya doon sa Dekada [‘70], super dami and Jericho Rosales sa role niya sa Baler."

When it comes to leading ladies he'd like to work with, Arnel quickly says, "Leading lady, naku, marami. Si Anne Curtis, she's really a great actress, si Dawn Zulueta din."

GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. Arnel was recently tapped to perform the newest jingle of Tindahan ni Aling Puring titled "TENkyu Po."

The international rock star explains that Journey had no hand in approving or disapproving it, "They allow me these sorts of things kasi it's part of me being Arnel Pineda and not as Journey."

This campaign highlights the success stories of sari-sari store and carinderia owners.

Arnel is the perfect fit for such a campaign since he himself had humble beginnings as an aspiring singer in Manila. Singing "TENkyu Po" means so much for the Pinoy singer. "It's a very meaningful jingle, kaya I enjoyed doing it, yung gratitude and giving back to the community..."

With such sentiments of helping the poor and doing public service, does Arnel see himself entering politics? Arnel is quick to state, "Wala eh, pinepray ko na lang talaga na magmake-up ng mind at saka heart yung mga politicians natin, magagaling sila, kaya lang ang tanong eh, sana naman yung galing nila talaga ibigay nila ng totoo para naman yung kahirapan dito sa buong Pilipinas ay mabawasan na talaga."

ARNEL ON OTHER PINOY ARTISTS. Arnel gives his opinion about Filipino musicians, singers and songwriters and his observations about the Philippine music scene. "Everybody is getting better, I think mayaman talaga tayo sa talent, kailangan lang talaga ay mga big supporters at saka solid supporters talaga at alam mo yun ikakalalal talaga tayo internationally not only locally kasi para sa akin pang international na talaga tayo."

What would it take for more Pinoy artists to gain fame internationally? Arnel enthuses, "Strong and solid supporters talaga, we need those kinds of people who are willing to spend money first para ma-expose tayo outside."

Has he spotted any outstanding Pinoy talents who could make it big abroad? Arnel mulls it over before pointing out: "Mayroon, marami, si KZ [Tandingan, X Factor Philippines grand champion] kahit hindi kataasan ang boses niya, pero ang quality ng voice niya is international."

He continues, "Mayroon pang bata, e, yung taga-Gen San [General Santos City]. Yun ang mga ano natin, ang dami, e, di ko mamention. I don't even know their names pero napapanood ko sila sa mga contests sa TV at sa TV5 Talentadong Pinoy, sa PGT [Pilipinas Got Talent], ang dami talaga super. It's about time na yung mga nagsusupport ng music industry natin should look into it."






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