Jake Cuenca says he was almost hit by a bus while shooting Tuhog; Eugene Domingo describes kiss with Jake as “parang prutas—makatas, bagong pitas!”

"Kung hindi ako tumalon, patay na siguro ako ngayon," says Jake Cuenca (left) about his near-accident on the set of Tuhog. Eugene Domingo (right) describes her kiss with Jake by saying: “Parang prutas—makatas, bagong pitas!”

Jake Cuenca says he is honored to work with Eugene Domingo whom he describes as a "phenomenal actress."

Jake and Eugene are among the stars of Tuhog, a heartwarming yet funny tale of three people whose lives become interconnected because of a fateful bus accident. Veronica Velasco directs this movie, which is currently being screened in cinemas.

Eugene is cast as a Fiesta, a bus conductor who lost hope in life because she thought that nobody loves her; Caloy (Enchong Dee), a teenager who promised to save his virginity for his girlfriend (portrayed by Empress); and Tonio (Leo Martinez), a senior citizen, who believes that time is running out but still excited to fulfill his dream of opening a bakery.

As Fiesta, the middle-aged woman thought she wouldn't find love until she develops a romance with Jake's character who is a bus driver.

When PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Eugene to describe her kiss with Jake, the comedienne quipped: “Parang prutas--makatas, bagong pitas!”

Eugene had to do a lot of physically demanding scenes like maintaining balance while inside a moving bus and shooting scenes under the heat of the sun.

“Mahirap, e. Nakasalalay talaga ang lakas ng katawan. Ang hirap ng mga eksenang buong araw, nasa labas kayo ng highway, andar kayo ng andar. Mahampas kayo, wala na kayong reklamo."

In the movie Tuhog, three characters are pierced by a metal bar and doctors have a difficult time extracting the victims.

Eugene says this added to the difficulties of shooting this movie. “Nasa hospital kayo, isa lang ang posisyon.

“Nakakangawit, masakit sa katawan.

“Hindi masyadong kumportable ang panahon. Pero, naniniwala ka sa proyekto, naniniwala kang maganda ito, maganda ito," she stressed.

In an interview with Jake, he admitted that he was excited to do this project with the award-winning actress.

"Isa sa malaking dahilan kung bakit ko tinanggap ang project na ito dahil gusto ko makatrabaho si Eugene Domingo," explained Jake.

"Marami akong natutunan, every sequence may natutunan ako. Para lang kaming naglalaro. Macha-challenge ka sa kanya kasi napakahusay niya talaga.

When asked to describe his kissing scene with Eugene, the hunk actor quipped: "Masarap! Masaya!"

(Watch video: Jake Cuenca on kissing scene with co-star Eugene Domingo: "Masarap! Masaya!")

Even though he was not used to driving, the actor accepted the challenge of actually driving the bus used in their scenes.

"Ingatan mo na lang ang co-actors mo. Hindi siya madali," he admitted. "Kasi may mga camera na alam mong sobrang mahal kaya kailangan mo talagang ingatan. Natuwa ako kasi pinagkatiwalaan ako ng cast at pinagkatiwalaan ako ni Direk na i-drive and bus na yun."

Eugene narrated an incident wherein she got thrown off from the middle portion and she landed at the front portion of the bus. What happened during that time?

"Ako [ang driver that time]. Pinuntahan ko siya agad. Kinabahan ako! Pero Eugene Domingo is a gamer and para sa kanya, okay lang yung. Had it been another actress, ewan ko.

"Si Ms. Eugene kasi walang ka-arte-arte at all. Doing the movie with her was one of the best experiences."

Jake reveals that he almost got hit by a bus while shooting Tuhog.

"Muntik na akong mamatay ha. Muntik na akong masagasaan ng bus. May eksena kasi na sasagasaan niya talaga ako. E, nakatalikod ako. Pagharap ko, nandiyan na yung bus. Tumalon na lang ako.

"Kung hindi ako tumalon, patay na siguro ako ngayon."

He describes his co-star Eugene as a "phenomenal actress. I think she is one of the best actresses we have in the Philippines and it was really an honor to work with her."






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