Anne Curtis graces premiere of sister Jasmine's debut in Cinemalaya

Anne Curtis uploaded this photo of her family with Erwan Heussaff (leftmost) on her Instagram account. Anne captioned this photo: "On our way to Jazzy's premiere for Transit at the Cinemalaya Film Festival. We are all very excited for her and super excited to watch the film."

Anne Curtis caused a stir at the Cultural Center of the Philippines when she arrived last night, July 28.

Fans flocked around the ABS-CBN actress who was at the CCP to watch the gala screening of Transit, the movie debut of her younger sister Jasmine.

To prepare for her role, Jasmine studied Hebrew since her character is a young girl who grew up in Israel.

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Carmencita Ojales and James Ernest Curtis-Smith were also present during the event that marked a milestone in their daughter's career.

Anne and Jasmine's half-sister Emma also traveled to Manila to watch the said Cinemalaya 2013 entry.

"I'm super super duper proud of her. We're all very, very excited," said Anne moments before she entered the Main Theater of the CCP.

How is she supporting her sister?

"I'm doing everything I can to be there for her.

"I hope that she continues to just shine and she does really well. Now that she's doing indie films, I think it's an amazing thing."

Does Anne have plans of doing a Pinoy indie film? She laughs before saying, "I think it may be a little too late for that. But that's why I'm so excited for Jasmine. Because she's doing something that I wasn't able to do. I'm really, really happy for her."

Does she see herself doing an indie film in the future?

"You'll never know, I did an indie film in the States which has yet to come out so we'll wait for that. But right now, it's Jasmine's time to shine."

In 2012, it was reported that Anne did a Hollywood crime thriller titled Blood Ransom.

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Anne arrived at the CCP with her boyfriend Erwann Heussaff and friend Solenn Heussaff.

After watching the film, Anne posted a series of tweets congratulating Jasmine: "To my baby @jascurtissmith you were amazing in the film and made me so proud! The way you were able to deliver your emotions while speaking in Hebrew was just amazing. Looking forward to more films like this for you Jazzy! Continue to grow as an actress!!! I love you!"

Anne also praised director Hannah Espia by tweeting "congratulations on telling a story so real and painfully beautiful. Loved the cinematography too. #Transit"

Transit star Ping Medina was also accompanied by his father Ping ang brother Alex, who happens to star in another Cinemalaya entry titled Babagwa.

Sam Concepcion also attended the premiere of Jasmine's movie. "I'm showing my support now," said the actor who has admitted that Jasmine is "very, very special" to him.

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