Kris Aquino promises Ryzza Mae Dizon trip to Disneyland if their movie becomes a "super hit" in the box-office

Kris Aquino's son, Bimby, agreed to do an acting skit when he appeared as a guest on The Ryzza Mae Show.

Last Monday, September 2, viewers had the chance to see behind-the-scenes footage of celebrities as they took part in the look test and pictorial of the Metro Manila Film Fest entry My Little Bossings.

Through her morning show Kris TV on ABS-CBN, Kris Aquino featured the interaction of her son Bimby and his "leading lady" Ryzza Mae Dizon.

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On that same day, viewers were able to see Kris and her son Bimby appear as guests on The Ryzza Mae Show, which airs on GMA-7.

Kris spent time chatting with the young TV host regarding her travels abroad.

The ABS-CBN actress asked Ryzza Mae to name the countries that she has already visited.

Ryzza Mae revealed that she already went to Hong Kong where she was joined by Mickey Mouse while riding the attractions.

Upon learning that Ryzza Mae has not yet gone to the United States, Kris assured Ryzza Mae: "Pag super hit ang movie natin, pupunta tayo sa America para dun sa pinakalamaking Disneyland, dun tayo pupunta.

"Promise 'yan."

The eight-year-old TV host was incredulous as she asked: "Isasama n'yo po ako?"

Kris promised, "Yes, pati si Mommy [referring to the mother of Ryzza Mae]."

The young girl then narrated, "Alam n'yo po ba kasama ko si Mickey Mouse. Nag rides po kami!

"Natakot po ako kay Mickey Mouse. Akala ko po dagang malaki. Pero ang bait po niya.

"Birthday yun ni Bossing [referring to Vic Sotto], April po pero inulan kami at hindi ko nakita ang parada kasi ang lakas-lakas po ng ulan."

Kris informed Ryzza Mae that Bimby has already visited all branches of Disneyland, prompting the young girl to say: "Ang swerte naman po ni Bimby."

CONSERVATIVE RYZZA. At that point, Bimby joined his mother and Ryzza Mae on cam as the interview continued.

Kris asked Ryzza Mae to mention again the comment that she said when she and Bimby were holding hands earlier.

Ryzza Mae obliged by saying, "Conservative po ako. Hindi pwede holding hands...kiss pwede."

After receiving prodding from his mother, Bimby did kiss Ryzza Mae near her forehead as he said, "Awkward."

Kris wondered out loud why Ryzza Mae looks small for her age and she asked the young girl if she drinks milk.

In response, Ryzza Mae answered that she drank coffee in the past before adding "pero binawalan na po ako."

"Three-in-one or Starbucks?" was Kris' query.

Ryzza Mae narrated, "Dati po three-in-one pero ngayon Starbucks. Hindi na po ako nagkaka kape, gatas na po.

"Dati wala po akong gatas, nagkakape lang ako.

"Wala po kaming pera. Nangungutang ako sa tindahan ng pisong kape, pisong asukal at pisong gatas at tapos tinitimpla ko."

"DREAMBOY." In one portion of the interview, Ryzza Mae dedicated the song "Mr. Dream Boy" to Bimby.

Ryzza Mae told Bimby: "Bagay sa yo yung Mr. Dream Boy. Gusto mo kantahin ko sa 'yo?"

Kris teased her son by saying, "Uy, you're here Dream Boy."

Bimby played around with his fists and Kris admonished him by saying, "Don't punch her."

Ryzza Mae laughed out loud and asked Bimby not to punch her. "Huwag ha, malaki ka."

Bimby then declared: "I'm punching whoever will hurt you."

Kris translated, "Kung merong manakit sa 'yo, susuntukin niya for you."

At this, Ryzza Mae sighed to show her appreciation.

Kris commented, "Tamang pagpapalaki, Ryzza, alam mo na."

Ryzza Mae told Bimby, "Promise mo yan ha, isusumbong ko sa 'yo."

Bimby assured that he will showcase his karate moves.

The young girl then sang "Mr. Dream Boy," which she described as her favorite song.

"GIRL AKO!" In another portion, Kris asked Ryzza Mae if she likes to star in an action movie.

She revealed, "Gusto ko nga po kasi gusto ko po ng suntukan."

Kris turned to Bimby to tell him that Ryzza Mae loves fighting and in response, Bimby flashed a huge smile.

"Gusto mo ba suntukan tayo?" asked Ryzza Mae.

Bimby didn't respond but Kris asked him, "What did I teach you?"

He answered, "Be nice."

Kris explained that Bimby asked if he can do wrestling with Ryzza Mae but she explained that Ryzza Mae is a girl.

To this, Ryzza Mae quipped: "Bimby, girl ako ha! Hindi nga lang masyadong maganda."

"SUPER BRAVE." During the show, Bimby described Ryzza as "super brave."

Kris explained, "You know why he said you're super brave? Kasi kaya mo raw magkaroon ng show na ikaw lang."

Before the show ended, Kris presented a challenge to both young stars.

"Dapat by the time na matapos tayo ng shooting, dapat si Bimb kasing galing mo na mag Tagalog. At tapos ikaw dapat kasing galing mo na mag English."

In response, Ryzza Mae quipped: "Uy, nosebleed!"



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