Cristine Reyes topbills sequel of Vilma Santos's sex-drama, Miss X

In 1980, the Gil Portes-Ricky Lee film Miss X focused on a Filipina working as a window prostitute in Amsterdam, with now Batangas Governor Vilma Santos in the title role. Thirty-three years later, her daughter, played by Cristine Reyes (in photo), also explores the seedy side of Amsterdam.

Miss X."

How daring will Cristine be in this movie?

"Depende kay Cristine. It depends on Cristine on how far she is willing to go. Definitely, it will be in good taste.

"It can be more daring and adventurous. It can be more daring than the Vilma Santos film," answered the director who conceptualized the movie in 1979.

Direk Gil recalls, "I saw the real Miss X in Amsterdam. This movie was based on a true story about someone from the red light district of Amsterdam."

The director believes making a sequel is timely and relevant, given the current situation of Filipinas working as sex workers in Amsterdam.

"Miss X was a very successful film, both critically and commercially.

"Ganun pa rin ang sitwasyon, and it's getting worse.

"It's a huge responsibility to make a sequel from the point of view of the daughter of Miss X."

He notes that the movie is more than the sum of its sexy scenes. It aims to send a strong message to women everywhere.

He says about the female lead, "She will be empowered while in Amsterdam because she is looking for herself. Hinahanap niya ang gusto niya na hindi niya nakita dito."

According to Direk Gil, Cristine's character will have two leading men, but they have not yet finalized the actors who will be part of the film.

Filming may start by December 2013 or January 2014.


Why does Direk Gil say that the situation in Amsterdam is getting worse?

"It's getting worse, mas grabe ngayon. I was there last year.

"Noong 1980, there were a handful of Filipino women in the red light district, pero ngayon, mas marami na.

"They are competing with foreigners and Latin-American women," he explains.

In the original Miss X movie written by Ricky Lee, Vilma's character was victimized by an illegal recruiter, which is how she ended up working as a prostitute in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam can be considered far more famous and eclectic than its staid capital, the Hague. Amsterdam is also known as the European city that New York City copied for its looks.

Why is there a need to make a sequel to Miss X?

"It tackles social issues, such as trafficking of women in Amsterdam. It also depicts the situation of people who go abroad to seek greener pastures."

Direk Gil also points out, "Miss X is one of the first films about illegal recruitment. It is unlike other Filipino films that were 'tourist films.'

"It was an eye-opener. It was a first time that illegal recruitment was shown and dramatized in film.

"Maybe that's the reason why it is considered a classic."


Here is a young Vilma Santos as the original Miss X.

Vilma Santos as Miss X.


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