Jasmine Curtis Smith on co-star Nora Aunor: “Hindi niya ipapamukha sa iyo na baguhan ka."

“I decided to focus on [showbiz projects] first and make sure I gave them what I promised to give them. At the same time, I will go back naman as soon as I can. I’m not leaving that behind for sure,” explains Jasmine Curtis Smith regarding her decision to temporarily stop her studies.

Jasmine Curtis Smith has decided to take a break from school to focus on her showbiz career.

In the beginning of this school year, Jasmine excitedly talked about her first experiences in college and how she liked the feeling of being a regular student at the Ateneo de Manila University.

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However, with the number of projects and endorsements she's been getting, the younger sister of Anne Curtis had difficulty juggling her time between work and studies. As a result, the Kapatid star chose to prioritize work over her studies in the meantime.

She explained, “For this semester, I decided not to enroll because of so many endorsements, so many projects coming in.

“I wasn’t performing my best in both aspects, education and work.

“I was just destroying myself, my career, and my education by making it sabay.

“And since I have a previous contract with endorsements and TV5, I decided to focus on that first and make sure I gave them what I promised to give them.”

Despite her decision, the young actress assured that she would definitely go back to school to finish a degree in communications.

“I will go back naman as soon as I can. I’m not leaving that behind for sure,” said Jasmine with a smile.

UPCOMING PROJECTS. For the next couple of weeks, Jasmine will be busy shooting her movie with Superstar Nora Aunor titled Dementia.

In this Jun Lana film, Jasmine is cast as the niece of Nora Aunor's character who is afflicted with dementia.

(To learn more about this movie, CLICK HERE)

At the launch of her new endorsement, Pond’s White Beauty, last March 3, Jasmine related that their group will be going to Batanes for two weeks to shoot scenes for the film.


Asked to describe her experience with Nora, Jasmine replied, “She’s very humble and very quiet.

“I’m very excited and also very nervous because she is the Superstar.

“It’s another overwhelming experience to encounter.”

Jasmine said she did not get any specific advice from Nora unlike other veteran stars she worked with in the past.

The 19-year-old actress recalled, “Hindi niya ipapamukha sa iyo na baguhan ka.

“She’ll let you do your own thing. She lets the director say it.

“I feel, I can see that hindi siya ganun, na parang, ‘Ganito ang gawin mo kasi blah blah blah…’ She’ll just observe you.”

SOLO SHOW. Aside from the movie, Jasmine is also set to do a mini series in her home network.

The weekly self-titled show of Jasmine will be her first solo drama on TV5.

“I’m really excited,” she told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

Then, she described the upcoming series, “It’s a love-thriller story because there’s a stalker. I’m playing the life of an actress, very real.

“It’s actually a blur between fiction and reality.

“We also have guests who are real-life actors on the show so that may blur siya between reality and fiction.

“It’s nice because it’s very real to who I am and at the same time, I’m playing a fictional story.”

WORKING WITH STAR CINEMA? During the group interview, ABS-CBN entertainment reporter Mario Dumaual revealed that Jasmine will be doing a project with Channel 2’s movie arm, Star Cinema.

The young actress carefully confirmed, “Yes. I believe so. Pero to be announced pa soon.”

Jasmine refused to give further details about the project with Star Cinema.

During the program, she mentioned that she’ll be doing another movie that she cannot reveal just yet.


During the interview, she also said, “I don’t know if I’ll be working hand-in-hand.

“Ibang partnership siya, e, we’ll see.

“Actually, it’s hard to explain what it is talaga.

“But there’s something going on there. I don’t know if it’s a love story. Pinag-uusapan.”

Nevertheless, Jasmine said that she’s excited about the role that she would be doing in this Star Cinema project.

“Of course, I’m always excited for the role that is given to me.

“I’m sure naman Star Cinema will not give me a role na wala lang.

“Everything is always studied and driven para ma-engage ang audience,” she ended.





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