BATTLE OF THE BULGE: Anne Curtis' Zoe versus Sam Milby's Macky

What can you say about the "obese" looks of Anne Curtis in The Gifted and Sam Milby in My Big Love?

In 2008, Sam Milby was almost unrecognizable when he donned a fat suit to portray an overweight chef in the rom-com My Big Love.

This 2014, it's the turn of Anne Curtis to transform into an obese woman for the movie The Gifted.

SAM AS MACKY. It will be recalled that Sam had two leading ladies in My Big Love: socialite Nina (played by Kristine Hermosa) and fitness instructor Aira (played by Toni Gonzaga).

His character named Macky enlisted the help of Aira to help him lose weight. In the course of the movie, Macky does lose weight through exercise.

Sam Milby as Macky

ANNE AS ZOE. In The Gifted, Anne's character named Zoe is an obese woman blessed with high IQ.

She considers her best friend to be Aika (played by Cristine Reyes) even though they are both competing to become the top in their class.

Anne Curtis (middle) with Ricky Rivero and Arlene Muhlach as her parents in the movie

The friendship of Zoe and Aika is tested when they both fall in love with the same guy: Mark (played by Sam Milby).

In the trailer, it is shown that Zoe loses her excess weight when she undergoes cosmetic surgery.

Anne Curtis, Sam Milby and Cristine Reyes in The Gifted

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