Anne Curtis earns favorable review in American horror fansite for Blood Ransom

In his review of Blood Ransom posted on last October 25, horror movie critic Matt Boiselle wrote: “Performances are standard fare (with Curtis as the exception—her gaze is hypnotizing).”

Maganda ang naging review ng kauna-unahang Hollywood independent film ni Anne Curtis na Blood Ransom.

Gumaganap bilang isang vampire si Anne sa naturang pelikula na dinirek ng Fil-American director na si Francis dela Torre.

Ito ang naging review ng critic na si Matt Boiselle sa horror fansite na last October 25:

“With equal parts of horror, romance, and the film noir-ish look and pursuit characteristics of a crime drama, Francis dela Torre’s Blood Ransom gives vampire fans an adequate slice of cinematic blood sausage, without getting all of that Twilight residue stuck in your fangs.

“This film tosses a nice mix of ingredients into the bowl, and outside of some slow movement and scattered scenes here and there, I’d offer this up as a decent watch to those who like their vampire flicks gritty and paced with danger… and not so much damn glitter strewn all over the place.”

Singled out ang performance ni Anne dahil sa kanyang strong screen presence among the international actors na kasama nito na sina Alexander Dreymon, Caleb Hunt, Jamie Harris and Filipino-American Darion Basco.

“Performances are standard fare (with Curtis as the exception – her gaze is hypnotizing),” ayon pa sa review ni Boiselle.

Ang website nga na Dread Central ang laging pinupuntahan ng maraming horror flick fans kapag gusto nilang mabasa ang mga reviews ng mga upcoming horror films.

Nagsimula ito noong 2006 at mababasa rin sa naturang website ang mga horror new, interviews, comic books, novels and toys.

Lumipad papuntang U.S. si Anne kamakailan para i-promote ang Blood Ransom noong magbukas ito last October 31 sa Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, New Jersey, Seattle, Hawaii and Guam and several parts of Canada.


Nagbukas naman dito sa Pilipinas ang Blood Ransom last October 29.

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