Pokwang on possibility of auditioning in Hollywood: "Dream big, di ba?"; Lee O'Brian "more than motivated to come back" to the Philippines

Lee O'Brian (left) and other stars of Edsa Woolworth have plans to visit Boracay before returning to the United States. Pokwang (right) is Lee's leading lady in this drama film shot entirely in San Francisco.

American actor Lee O'Brian wants to learn more about the Filipino culture during his brief stay here in the tropical country.

In an exclusive interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the premiere of Edsa Woolworth last January 13, Lee O'Brian says he is open to the possibility of doing a project in the Philippines.

He says, "As always, depending on the project, conditions, I would be motivated to accept it.

"Having come here and having to have already worked with Filipinos. Our crew on this shoot, starting with our director John-D [Lazatin], the team; to the director of photography, Shane; to the second director of photography, Jerimiah Isip; all the grips, all the people I'm thinking of, from the production cast, everything, is just exceptional to work with and to know.

"If the right opportunity came, I would be more than motivated to come back, I'd be happy to do it."

As for Pokwang, is she interested in auditioning for Hollywood projects in the near future?

The actress gushes, "Diyos ko naman, ayusin ko muna yung baluktot kong dila. Actually nung shinu-shooting to, English yung mga dialogue, e. Sabi ko, 'teka muna, wait.'

"Pero siyempre ako, dream big, ika nga, di ba?"

"Pero siguro ano, ihubog ko yung sarili ko pa, na mas magtiwala sa sarili. Mas prepared, na parang yung ginagawa ko, mas pagyamanin."

VACATION IN THE PHILIPPINES. The U.S. actors are planning to go to Boracay during their stay here in the Philippines.

Lee O'Brian points out, "For this premiere, I'll actually only be staying in the Philippines until Sunday, we [referring to stars of Edsa Woolworth] will be flying back the States and getting back to work. But have so much desire to come back to the Philippines.


"We'll be heading out to the islands. If the Filipinos are talking about the beaches, we probably should be going to the beaches, too."

"Boracay it is, that's where we are going to head. We're excited to go there, and have some down time at the beach. And also experience great Filipino scenery and culture."





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