MOVIE REVIEW: Andi Eigenmann and Bret Jackson temper raging hormones in Your Place Or Mine

Sex—specifically one-night stand sex, pre-marital sex, playful sex with whipped cream, and sex within the confines of marriage—is not what Your Place Or Mine is only about.

Viva Films describes the movie as a “search for true love” and “finding one’s destiny”. It just skips the part about looking for one’s destiny while being trapped in an arranged marriage.

How can true love be found? Andi Eigenmann’s character Haley—a 19 year-old college student with relationship problems—shows us what must not be done: avoid impulsive decisions and alcohol intoxication. Fortunately, she still ends up living her romantic dreams despite these no-no’s.

Directed by Joel Lamangan, Your Place or Mine goes against the grain of usual light and “pa-cute” teen flicks. He goes straight to the heart, or more appropriately, to the loins of his teen characters by showing their raging hormones and risky sexual behaviors while also providing the requisite romance and happily ever after—a balancing act that made its ending feel forced and rushed.


This movie, being R-13, is made for teens but I would recommend that it is “Not Safe for Parents With Teenage Kids” because it would likely elicit fear and anxiety on what their kids are capable of (or might already been) doing.�

If you’re a parent, prepare to explain all about the birds and the bees to your kids. If you’re an age-appropriate teen, this movie is made for your viewing pleasure.

Your Place or Mine is heavy with hickeys, pumping scenes and quotable quotes about a man’s “seed”. It also references women as “take out” food or as a “happy meal” to be enjoyed, whether this reflects the reality of—or a humorous take on—teens’ view of females, it sadly leaves a bad aftertaste.

The casualness of one-night stands is also romanticized, albeit humorously, that Haley’s best friend (played by Internet sensation Donnalyn Bartolome) wished that she be picked-up by a stranger too for a possible one-night stand with the hope of ending up in a similar happy-ever after life.


To be fair, the movie also subtly promotes the need for sexual protection, which is a reality that current mainstream teen movies usually don’t touch.

Andi Eigenmann is perfect as the conflicted teen who tries to temper her sex drive all in the name of finding her destiny amidst a world that pushes her towards a “pragmatic marriage.”

However, her onscreen partner Bret Jackson (as her playboy boyfriend Russell) seems to need more acting workshops so he can express more emotions other than a blank stare.

Andre Paras is more charismatic, especially when he utilizes his very expressive eyes. It is treat to watch him as Seth, Haley’s childhood friend, and the most appealing stalker of all.

Your Place Or Mine is a laugh-out-loud movie about casual sex. It seems conflicted between showing the complete reality of teen sex and the full-fledged notion of true love. It dips its feet in both but refuses to commit to either that the movie ends up making you feel wanting for more.


Based on the best-selling Wattpad story written by Turning Japanese, Your Place Or Mine also stars Jackie Lou Blanco (as Haley’s mother), Christopher Roxas (as Russell’s rich father), Ashley Rivera (as Russell’s ex-girlfriend), and Ian Batherson (as Haley’s philandering ex-boyfriend).

It is currently being screened in cinemas nationwide.

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