Are James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Julia Barretto and Inigo Pascual hopeless romantics?

James Reid revealed that he surprised Nadine Lustre on Valentine's Day while Nadine shared what she did for James on his birthday several days ago.

Do you ever wonder if Para sa Hopeless Romantic stars Nadine Lustre, James Reid, Julia Barretto and Inigo Pascual are hopeless romantics in real life?

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the press, the four lead stars shared their thoughts about being hopeless romantics as well as their similarities and differences from their movie characters.

Inigo revealed that just like his character named Ryan, he also penned love letters for girls that he liked.

The loveteams Jadine and JulNigo topbill the latest romantic movie Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, which is being shown in cinemas starting May 13.

Do they consider themselves as hopeless romantics?

Nadine: Yes. I think everyone naman is a hopeless romantic. Kasi us Filipinos, we parang, we fall for these cheesy na pick-up lines, mahilig tayong kiligin, like most of our teleseryes puro love. So I think lahat naman po tayo hopeless romantics.
James: No, I’m not really a cheesy person.
Nadine: No, he’s not.


Julia and Inigo (in unison): Yeah.

What was the cheesiest thing that they ever did?

For James and Nadine, they shared that the cheesiest thing that they did was for each other.

Nadine: ‘Yong pinaka-recent lang na naiisip ko was when I surprised him [James] the other day. The other night, his birthday talagang I contacted Skyranch pa. I bought balloons, I asked my mom to buy balloons pa.

James: On Valentine’s day, I filled [Nadine’s] dressing room with balloons. She had to pop them to find out…to find a note.
Nadine: It’s kinda cheesy.
James: It’s sweet! I guess it’s pretty cheesy actually.

Inigo: I used to write stuff, I used to write letters to girls like, parang like what my character [Ryan] would do. In class, I would just write and then minsan hindi ko binigay, minsan binibigay ko. Parang I like to imagine how I want things, how I want to date someone. I do picture things in my head.
Julia: I like surprising people. Yeah.


What do they consider as the cheesiest thing that was done for them?

Nadine: The balloons [surprise of James]! Because no one surprised me for Valentine’s before. Siya pa lang, so parang alam mo yon, ‘yong thrill ng popping those balloons. I don’t even like popping balloons but then I did it to find out what was inside those balloons.

What was inside the balloons?

Nadine: There were notes.
James: Things that I like about her.

Julia: I don’t know. Ah, usually the little things are the best ones so I can’t say… I can’t pick! I like the little things, e. I don’t wanna mention!
Inigo: This girl made me this box with all of our memories, parang memory box, then we enjoy eating sunflower seeds together, parang she gave me a box of sunflower seeds this is before I went to the Philippines, she gave me mixed tapes and all that, mga pictures namin. That was really sweet. I still have it right now, I still have it in my room.


What are their thoughts on cheating?

Nadine: Cheating? I hate cheaters. That happened to me before. I gave him a second chance but then no.
James: Don’t do it, don’t do it. But I still stand by what I say, everyone deserves a second chance.

Julia: Don’t! No no no no! No no no no! I’m so against it!
Inigo: It shouldn’t happen pero di ba siyempre nangyayari 'yan. Pero I believe that forgiveness is a good characteristic to have, I mean it’s good to forgive. Pero, ewan ko, basta mahirap din, e. It depends on the situation. Basta no no no no! Yun na ‘yon.

Julia and Inigo were also asked to give advice to those who want to move on, since Para sa Hopeless Romantic revolves around Nadine’s character Becca who is trying to move on from her ex-boyfriend.

Inigo: Just think na merong happy ending kahit hindi yun ‘yong tao na kasama mo. Na there’s always gonna be a happy ending. Di ba nga sabi sa movie, hangga’t hindi pa happy, hindi pa yun yung ending.
Julia: Agree. Yun na ‘yon. Ayoko mag-advice ng moving on.


What if someone admits to Julia that he likes her, just like what happened to her character Maria?

Julia: I’d rather that the person who likes me tell me that they actually do. I find openness very attractive.

What would be Nadine and James’ advice to the central character Becca? In the film, Becca is the heartbroken girl who could not get over her ex-boyfriend (played by James).

James: I think everyone deserves a second chance, but not a third chance.

Nadine: Ako siguro, advice ko kay Becca, harapin mo kung ano man yung problema mo or harapin mo kung ano man yung nag bo-bother sa’yo and solve it like just don’t run away from it.





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