Lovi Poe and Gina Pareno to bring life to Gregoria de Jesus in Lakambini

In�Lakambini,�Lovi Poe portrays the younger revolutionary Gregoria while Gina Pareno takes on the senior Oryang show recollections frame the story.�

Lovi Poe and Gina Pareno will take on very challenging roles as they star in the Gregoria de Jesus biopic Lakambini, which is slated for a mid or late 2015 playdate.

Jeffrey Jeturian and Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil will direct the award-winning actresses in this period film.

In a previous interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the GMA-7 actress admitted that she was very moved by Rody Vera’s screenplay of the film, which won first prize in the 2014 Palanca Awards.

“I love it, I’ve read the script, umiyak ako.�

“Maganda. Maganda yung script. I think importante na panoorin ito ng mga tao to remind us to take care of our country.”�

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Gregoria de Jesus took on the name Lakambini when she was part of the revolutionary group headed by her husband Andres Bonifacio. Lovi portrays the younger revolutionary Gregoria while Gina takes on the senior Oryang show recollections frame the story.

The film presents Gregoria in her 60s recalling the turbulent but passionate adventures with Andres and the birth of the Katipunan up to the treachery that sparked her husband’s death. Her memories are sparked by her wonderful and meticulous cooking for her family and second husband, musician and general, Julio Nakpil.

Lovi thrilled to be part of a monumental film that is Lakambini.

She declared on her Instagram account: “Very excited and at the same time nervous for this project. I will portraying a role of a very influential person that made history in our country.”

For her part, Gina is very delighted to be part of the monumental project.

“Kakaiba ang karakter ko,” said the veteran actress. She added that she is happy to be reunited with Jeffrey who directed her in Kubrador which was the toast of the international filmfest circuit. Both Lovi and Gina were special guests at the 140th birthday of Gregoria de Jesus which was held in Bahay Nakpil Quiapo recently.


Direk Ellen is just as excited specially because she was able to get Jeffrey Jeturian of Kubrador, Ekstra and Be Careful with my Heart fame to agree to be the project’s principal director.�

“Jeffrey is a dear friend, so well-accomplished and I believe, the project is so way down his alley!”

A teaser of the film has been released online wherein Lovi (as Gregoria) is preparing a dish with coconut milk, only to be interrupted by a more urgent call to defend the motherland.

Soon 

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