Anne Curtis fulfills dream of working with Aga Muhlach in "When Love Begins"

Anne Curtis (left) and Aga Muhlach (right) play two people who are afraid of commitment in the movie When Love Begins. This romantic drama, shot partly in Boracay, will open in theaters nationwide starting April 30.

Members of the press distinctly remember that when Anne Curtis was promoting her movie Magic Kingdom (1997), she said she wanted to be paired with Aga Muhlach. After eleven years, Anne's dream has come true.

The matinee idol and the VJ-actress are paired together in the Star Cinema-Viva Films co-production When Love Begins, directed by Joey Reyes. The film premieres on April 30.

This is the story of a woman and a man who meet in Boracay and fall in love even though they hold different ideologies. Ben Caballero (played by Aga) is a lawyer who is actively involved in cleaning up Bora and protecting the coral reef. Mitch Valmonte (Anne Curtis) happens to be on the island and they become attracted to each other. Their love story continues in Manila.

However, their budding romance becomes complicated when Ben finds out that Anne's father (Christopher de Leon) is the owner of a real estate company that plans to convert land in Boracay for residential use.


During the press conference of When Love Begins, at the 13th floor of ELJ Bldg. in the ABS-CBN compound, Anne was asked if she felt intimidated while working with her idol.

She gushed: "Naman! Super intimidated lalo na yung first day. Siguro kaya ni-reshoot yung first scene namin kasi naninigas talaga ako!"

Did she feel self-conscious around her leading man, who is 15 years her senior?

"In the beginning, of course. I was so stiff. Hindi ako maka-arte nang maayos," said Anne. To this, Aga responded by saying, "But you were okay!"

Anne continues: "No, na-feel ko talaga! But eventually after a few days, okay na."

The two stars stayed in Boracay for 10 days to shoot crucial scenes of the movie. According to Anne, they had three to four kissing scenes in this movie and, at press time, they have yet to shoot their love scene in Manila.

Aga and Anne expressed their mutual admiration for each other. "She took care of me while we were in Boracay. She made me feel comfortable without her knowing it," says Aga. As for Anne, she candidly admits that she felt tense around him. "Naninigas ako when we shot the first scene. Sabi lang niya, steady lang."


Now that she has had the chance to fulfill her dream of working with her favorite leading man, how does Anne feel?

"After every shooting day, I go to bed with a smile on my face kasi it's such a pleasure working with Aga Muhlach."

When Love Begins will be shown locally starting April 30. It will also have screenings in Los Angeles, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; San Diego, California; Hawaii; Bahrain; and Toronto, Canada.

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