Derek Ramsay recalls mishap involving boobs of Coleen Garcia; says Billy Crawford gave him "nicest" message

For Ex With Benefits, Derek Ramsay shot love scenes with Coleen Garcia (right) and Meg Imperial. The hunk actor admits that he does not like covering his private parts with plaster when shooting sex scenes with his partners. "Ayoko ng may plaster, masakit siya."

Derek Ramsay admits that mishaps did happen while he and leading lady Coleen Garcia were shooting steamy love scenes for the movie Ex With Benefits.

In one scene, he was surprised when he had a "close encounter" with the breasts of his leading lady.

"I was supposed to dip her, and when I did, her boobs were in my face," Derek narrated during the August 22 press conference of the sexy romance movie.

"She didn't cut the scene. Ako, I corrected myself, and she continued.

"After, I apologized, and she said it was okay.

"We watched the playback, and everybody was happy."

This project marks Derek's comeback to Star Cinema, which is co-producing it with Viva Films. Ex With Benefits is slated to open in cinemas September 2.

In this film directed by Gino Santos (of #Y fame), Derek and Coleen are cast as ex-lovers whose paths cross again after a 10-year period.

Derek plays Adam, a doctor who sees medical representative Arki (Coleen) as his TOTGA (The One That Got Away).

Meg Imperial plays a woman who is after Derek's character.

What was Derek's impression of Coleen after doing their daring love scenes in this movie?

"Parang hindi nga niya first time na gumawa ng eksena na ganun. I was expecting that she would pull back...

"Sabi ko, 'Coleen, itodo na natin ito para one take lang.' Pero I was thinking, 'Naku, baka mag-back out ito kasi medyo rough ang una.'

"That was the hardest one kasi binubuhat-buhat ko siya. Ang liit-liit niya, e!

"She is such a professional. It came to a point, na after every scene that we did, nagkukuwentuhan na kami about the next scene, talking about food, talking about chocolates.

"We just became so comfortable with each other that when it came to more emotional love scenes, it was just easy."


Derek then revealed that Coleen's boyfriend, Billy Crawford, gave his assurance that all is well between them.

"Billy said the nicest thing to me. Before I did this movie, Billy was my friend, and when we shot this movie, he told me, 'You know what, Derek, this movie is tough for me to accept it and watch it.'

"But he is very supportive of his girlfriend Coleen.

"He said, 'I'm just very happy that you are the partner of Coleen in this movie.'

"I said, 'Wow! Thanks, man!'"

This project also marks the second time that Coleen Garcia has worked with Gino Santos, the director of the youth-oriented movie #Y. The actress was part of his cast that received a Special Citation for Ensemble Acting during the 2014 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

DIRTY SEX. How many love scenes did he do with his leading ladies?

Derek said with a laugh, "With Meg, once. With Coleen, the entire movie!

"Ang ganda ng mga love scenes namin dito. It's hard to compare...mas malalim ang pinanggalingan ng mga characters namin.

"When Direk [Gino Santos] tells us to do this scene, he led in such a way that, when we did it, you can't help but smile.

"Nakalagay sa [script] breakdown: 'Bedscene.' Then sasabihin ni Direk, 'Diyan kayo magbe-bedscene—alleyway, pader.' Madumi, may mga ipis, basa siya.

"That's the scene na talagang nag-register sa akin kasi ang makikita n'yo lang sa pelikula, flashes 'yan. Pero to me, that was my favorite scene in the movie."

Would he say that this love scene is dirtier compared to the sex scene he shot for The Janitor?

Derek gave a hearty laugh before answering, "Ito, the location was dirtier!"

He explained, "It was a fantasy of us. After ten years, we see each other and pareho kami ng iniisip, na hinuhubaran namin ang sarili namin.


"Ganun kalakas ang attraction sa isa't isa."

In the 2014 Cinemalaya entry titled The Janitor, Derek is cast as a corrupt police officer.

Derek pointed out, "Sa Janitor, naka-droga ako and I was having sex with a prostitute [played by Sunshine Garcia].

"Yung sa amin [ni Coleen], ang location ang dirty. Yung sa The Janitor, yung situation, yung context niya ang dirty. May drugs, nagda-drugs ako habang boom boom pow!"

NO TO PLASTER. Derek notes that respect for one's partner is crucial when shooting intimate scenes.

The hunk actor admitted that he does not like using plaster on his private parts when shooting love scenes.

"Pag may nangyari sa isang body part diyan...Ayoko kasi ng plaster kasi masakit siya.

"I think you have to respect them [co-stars], and when something happens downstairs, you're disrespecting your partner.

"You're disrespecting the person you're doing the scene with because that means you're not acting anymore.

"You have to be professional. You have to shut down who you are.

"You have to shut that [urge] down so that your partner doesn't feel uncomfortable. Kasi you're rolling around. Si Direk, mahilig magsabi, 'Roll! Ikot! Twist!'

"Then kung iikot ka, something gets in between, it makes the whole thing awkward, not just for the girl but also for me. Parang nakakahiya yun."

Derek Ramsay, Coleen Garcia, and Meg Imperial graced the press con of the sexy romance movie #ExWithBenefits

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