Polo Ravales and Jean Garcia heat up the big screen with "Loving You"

Polo Ravales and Jean Garcia talk about the threelove scenes that they will be doing for the movie Loving You. Thisromantic movie will open in theaters nationwide starting August 20, 2008.

For some time now, showbiz denizens have been speculatingwhether Polo Ravales and Jean Garcia are officially a couple or not. The twostars would rather keep their silence but their actions say it all. InStudiomax's romantic movie titled Loving You, the rumored real lifesweethearts play the role of a crazy-in-love couple who can't seem to getenough of each other despite their ten-year age difference.

Their closeness started during a special guesting on ExtraChallenge wherein Polo's tender affection for Jean became noticeable. Theydeveloped a stronger bond while doing GMA-7's suspense drama soap LaVendetta wherein they shared a very romantic kissing scene as husband andwife. Now that their love team has reached the silver screen, Polo and Jeanboth feel that their relationship is reaching a new level of intensity.

Polo Ravales says that he constantly wants to be with Jean. "We had shared a lotof scenes together, at siyempre ‘pag lagi mong ka-work mas lalong nagigingclose kayo sa isa't-isa kaya ever since hinahanap-hanap ko na ang company niya,masaya kasi kami kapag magkasama."

For her part, Jean was thrilled when Polo revealed: "Hindi siya [Jean] mahirapmahalin dahil bukod sa sobrang ganda niya—to the point na buong barkada kocrush siya—sobrang mapagmahal pa siyang tao."

Based on their characters' story, both are aware that aMay-December love affair is not an easy relationship considering factors suchas: society's conventional norms, striking difference intellectual levels, andinterests. But in real life, Polo and Jean believe that age should never be afactor for any relationship, for as long as there is love, no one has the rightto question it. Jean points out, "Ako naman very open talaga akong tao, andtalagang I believe na age really doesn't matter. ‘Pag ginusto mo at type mobakit naman hindi di ba? Kapag tinamaanang puso mo wala kang magagawa."

Polo shares, "Sa akin walang masama as long as pareho kayongdeeply in love...kami kasi ni Ms. Jean totoo kami sa isa't isa, we don't pretendbasta masaya kami and we both care for each other, and walang magiging masamakung maging kami dahil were both single."


Viewers will definitely want to see the sweetness of Poloand Jean in Loving You. This movie, directed by Don Cuaresma,has not only one but three love scenes between Polo and Jean. "First timetalaga namin ni Polo na mag-love scene dito and talagang I can say very kakaibaang mga ginawa namin...meron kaming shower scene, bed scene at sofa scene, paranghalos all over the house ang mga love scenes namin. Meron pa nga akong sexy naback shot...very daring talaga kami dito," says Jean excitedly. Polo even adds,"Hindi ko na nga nabilang kung ilang beses ako nakasuot ng boxer shorts lang samovie na ito."

Loving You also features the love teams of YasmienKurdi-JC de Vera, John Prats-Ehra Madrigal and Aljur Abrenica-Kris Bernal.Showing in theatres on August 20, Loving You is produced by Studiomaxand will be distributed by film company Regal Entertainment.





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