Alex Medina tries hand in comedy via indie film Echorsis

Alex Medina is often seen doing dramatic roles both in movies and on TV. This time, viewers will see a different Alex as the actor tries comedy in the upcoming horror-comedy film, Echorsis.

Alex Medina shows a lighter side of him via the upcoming horror-comedy flick Echorsis.

He will be joined in this project by John “Sweet” Lapus and Kean Cipriano, two actors who have shown a flair for comedy.

Considered to be an in-demand actor in the indie film industry, Alex successfully penetrated mainstream TV when he starred in teleseryes such as Ina, Kapatid, Anak (2012), Two Wives (2014), and most recently, Pangako Sa ‘Yo.

These projects have showcased Alex as a dramatic actor, similar to the reputation of his dad Pen Medina and older brother Ping.

But in the upcoming movie Echorsis: Sabunutan Between Good and Evil, fans of the 29-year-old actor will get to see a different side of Alex, as he tries to dabble in comedy.

On social media, many of his fans expressed excitement when they saw a different Alex in the film's trailer. They gave their reactions upon seeing him portray a gay person since a gay ghost possessed him.

Echorsis is a  parody of the iconic horror film The Exorcist.

The story revolves around a gigolo Carlo (Alex Medina) who is possessed by a gay demon after he deceived his closeted gay lover Kristoff (John Lapus).

The responsibility of exorcising the devil out of Medina’s character then falls on Father Nick (Kean Cipriano).

Completing the ensemble cast are Alessandra de Rossi, Chokoleit, Kiray Celis, Mich Liggayu, Ruby Ruiz, Negi Negra, Bekimon, Nico Antonio, Francine Garcia, Odette Khan, and 1:43’s Yuki Sakamoto, Anjo Resurreccion, Gold Aquino, and Yheen Valero.

Produced by Insight 360, this movie directed by Lemuel Lorca will open in cinemas on April 13.

Watch the trailer of Echorsis: Sabunutan Between Good and Evil





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