Piolo Pascual, Dawn Zulueta work together in movie Love Me Tomorrow

"Yung director namin si Gino Santos, he's only 26 years old so iba 'yong vibe sa set," said Piolo Pascual (left) about director Gino Santos. The movie Love Me Tomorrow also stars Dawn Zulueta (right) and Coleen Garcia.

Piolo Pascual and Dawn Zulueta are working together for the first time via the upcoming movie Love Me Tomorrow.

They are both excited about the movie since they are playing roles very different from what they usually play in movies and teleseryes.

For his part, Piolo will act as a DJ in Love Me Tomorrow.

In a recent interview, he told Cinema News and PEP.ph, “I just read the whole script, 'yong draft, ang ganda.

“I'm just so happy at sana mabigyan namin ng justice 'yong material.”

He described his experience serving as a DJ during an event.

“Kagabi, galing ako sa Davao, mayroon akong in-attend-ang event.

“Pagdating ko, I have to mix again. I have to refresh. Parang ang sarap lang when you're there, parang you're in the zone,” he recalled.

My emcee for the day ??? I mean DJ... #djbubi

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The Kapamilya actor said it has always been his dream to play the role of a DJ in a movie.

“I've always wanted to spin, maliit pa lang ako,” he said.

“Kaya when I was given the role of a DJ, I didn't think twice—I got me a mix console, the equipment I need so I could study it.

“Kapag nasa set ako, para akong nasa sariling mundo. Ang sarap lang mag-spin. It also helps me to get into the character.”

Dawn, on the other hand, gets an opportunity to play a married fashion designer involved in a love triangle.

“You know, I really consider myself lucky,” Dawn said in her recent interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda.

“At my age, I was given this kind of particular project to do naman something different kasi, siyempre, ang madalas na ginagawa ko ay melodrama. Ito maiiba naman ng kaunti.”

What do Piolo and Dawn think about each other as co-stars?

Piolo said, “Iba rin ang vibe na nilalagay ni Ms. Dawn every time she comes to the set, puro take one.”

In her TWBA appearance, Dawn said, “Piolo Pascual, he's a dream boat. He really is a dream boat.

“He's such a gentleman. He's just so charming, he's so nice, at ang gaan-gaan lang.

I'm so far enjoying it. I think he's enjoying it, too.”

Coleen Garcia will complete the love triangle in the story of Love Me Tomorrow.


PRAISES FOR GINO. Dawn and Piolo are impressed by their young director Gino Santos.

“Yung director namin si Gino Santos, he's only 26 years old so iba 'yong vibe sa set.

“'Tapos si Gino, hanep din, talagang rock and roll, he's brilliant. I'm excited to watch the film kasi iba 'yong expression. Iba 'yong ginagawa ni Gino rito,” said Piolo.

Dawn almost said the same thing about director Gino.

She said, “Gino Santos is only 26 years old. He's old enough to be my son sa pagkadalaga ko.

“I'm having so much fun because I'm learning a lot from him.

“Siyempre, iba 'yong genre na nakasanayan ni Gino, but it's also a genre that I am not familiar with.”





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