Mikael Daez learns Khmer martial art for Cambodian movie, Fight for Love

Mikael Daez studied the Khmer martial art Bokator for Fight for Love, his Cambodian TV series with Andrea Torres. The miniseries, which was taped in Cambodia, will be aired on GMA-7 on April 17 and 24, 2016.

Mikael Daez and Andrea Torres’s Cambodian film Fight for Love is finally set to make its Philippine television debut this April 2016.

Initially titled Blood in Dispute, Mikael and Andrea went to Cambodia in May 2015 to shoot the project co-produced by GMA Network and Cambodia TV Network (CTN).

In an interview with GMANetwork.com, Mikael related how he learned Khmer martial art called Bokator.

“It was hard ‘cause it hurts. My body is not used to fighting but there, sinabak talaga ako, seven days [a week], six hours a day.

“I was tired. More than tired, my body just hurt.”

Bokator is defined as a martial art considered to be one of the oldest existing fighting systems in Cambodia which “uses a diverse array of elbow and knee strikes, shin kicks, submissions and ground fighting.”

The Poor Señorita star also recalled how he trained under professional fighters.

“These guys trained for years to harden their body, their bones and their muscles.

“So ako, wala talaga. [It was] seven days [of] six hours [each of] pain, but it was worth it kasi there were two major fight scenes.

“It was the highlight of the show, so I knew that coming in.”

Despite the pain, Mikael endure all the hardships since the opportunity of doing an international show only comes once in a while.

“I just wanted to make the most out of it, and it was such a good experience.

“[It] taught me so much. [Bokator] was culturally unique, [and it] was pretty cool because I had to learn [so much of it].”

Fight for Love is set to air in two parts on GMA-7. The first part will air on Sunday, April 17, and the continuation will be shown the following Sunday, April 24.

Last year, it was announced that Andrea and Mikael were both handpicked to star in the international movie when their GMA soap Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga became popular in Cambodia.


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Currently, Mikael and Andrea are no longer a love team since they are in separate Kapuso shows.

Andrea is now topbilling GMA-7’s afternoon show The Millionnaire’s Wife while Mikael is paired with Regine Velasquez in Poor Señorita.





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