Coleen Garcia on working with Piolo Pascual and Dawn Zulueta: "I really have to level up."

Coleen Garcia feels pressured working with Dawn Zulueta and Piolo Pascual in the movie Love Me Tomorrow. "Of course, there's that factor na I really have to level up or I have to at least do better than my last projects. Siyempre, nakakahiya naman if I don't, and then ang galing-galing ng mga kasama ko."

Coleen Garcia feels that she left her comfort zone when she accepted a role in Star Cinema’s upcoming movie, Love Me Tomorrow.

During the pictorial of the movie held at Studio 8 of the ELJ Building, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other entertainment reporters had the chance to speak with Coleen about the movie.

In the movie, Coleen plays the best friend of Dawn Zulueta who will get caught in a love triangle with the character of Piolo Pascual, who is a club DJ.

According to the 23-year-old actress, the movie is something different for her and her co-stars.

“I feel like it’s something different for all of us, it’s something that we have to leave our comfort zones for.

“It’s something that helped us grow in a way kasi the story is very modern but there is a certain touch that anybody can relate to.”


The young ABS-CBN actress admits that she feels pressured working with Dawn and Piolo, who have already established themselves as bankable movie stars.

Coleen admitted, “Of course, there’s that factor na I really have to level up or I have to at least do better than my last projects.

“Siyempre, nakakahiya naman if I don’t, and then ang galing-galing ng mga kasama ko.

“They’re really known for what they do, they’re very respected for their craft so it’s really challenging in a way also for me.

“At the end of the day, I’m just gonna try my best and hopefully, maganda yung kalalabasan.”

Hearing what she said, Dawn then blurted out, “She underestimates herself but she’s definitely stepped up.”

Coleen then smiled and thanked her co-star.

SUPPORT FROM BILLY. During the pictorial, Coleen’s boyfriend Billy Crawford dropped by the studio.

When asked how she feels about the support she has been receiving from her boyfriend, Coleen answered, “Sobrang overwhelming pa din to me, kasi it’s really nice.


“It’s hard as it is doing what we do and to know that I have somebody who actually supports me, who encourages me, even on the days na nahihirapan ako, at least napapagaan pa lalo.

“Kasi minsan di ba, kung may kaaway ka, bumibigat tapos nawawala ka sa sarili mo.

“At least ngayon hindi ako nawawala in terms of where I want go, what I want to do and who I want to be kasi alam niya yung mga gusto kong i-achieve para sa sarili mo so he pushes mo towards that.”

LESSON FROM THE MOVIE. Without giving away too much about the movie, Coleen points out the lessons that Love Me Tomorrow could impart to viewers.

She said, “For me, based from what I’ve read and what we’ve shot so far, I feel that the people will learn that at any age, at any stage of your life, you really are still in the process of loving yourself, learning to accept yourself and everything.

“Parang may pag-asa ka pa rin to grow no matter how old you are no matter what you’re doing in your life, what stage you are in, you’ll always be able to grow.”

The movie, directed by Gino Santos, is scheduled to open in cinemas this May.

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