John Prats and Ehra Madrigal cross network lines for "Loving You"

Even though John Prats and Ehra Madrigal comefrom rival networks, ABS-CBN and GMA-7, they will be teame dup together in themovie Loving You, which is produced by Studiomax and released by RegalEntertainment. It will have its premiere night on August 17 at SM Megamall.

Kapamilya and Kapuso stars team up in Loving You.

Two-time FHM Philippines cover girl Ehra Madrigal andthe Philippines' Dance floor Dynamite John Prats have teamed up as a sociallymismatched but sexy pair in Studiomax's feel-good romance, which opens intheaters nationwide on August 20.

John plays a hardworking taxi driver named Axel while Ehrais Bry, a sleep-deprived call center agent. Both of them struggle to make theirdreams come true. He prefers to work double shifts to meet his boundary whileshe would rather go to all the VTR auditions she could go to, in the hopes oflanding a lucrative commercial modeling contract. Although their values aredifferent, Axel feels an affinity for the female call center agent whom hedrives to work every day.

Their pursuit for the good life slows down when conflictsarise—Axel comes face-to-face with the father whom he hasn't heard from inyears while Bry is betrayed by her live-in boyfriend. These events lead thedriver-passenger relationship to take a more romantic turn.

Loving You marks the first time that John and Ehraare paired in a project. John recalls, "Nung nalaman ko yung line up ng cast,sabi ko parang lahat ‘to taga GMA-7. Mag-isa lang ako, pero sabi ko okay langkasi ang sexy naman ng magiging partner ko!" He admits feeling jittery duringthe first shooting days with the vivacious Ehra. "Medyo kinabahan ako," hesays. Ehra could only laugh and reply, "Come on!"

In reality, the FHM cover girl is a carefree girl.Ehra says, "Like my character, Bry, hyper ako, makulit, walang pakialamat...mabilis akong magsalita!" She adds, "Ang pinakamahirap sa ‘kin yungbreakdown scene, pataas yung energy n'ya kasi, buti na lang si Direk Don, heguided me on every scene."

Her newest leading man couldn't help but be awed by herspontaneity, mesmerizing screen presence, and remarkable talent. John swearsEhra will enthrall viewers as he was enthralled by her. "Ngayon lang silamakakakita ng sexy na nagbi-breakdown lagi." Ehra credits the charming John formaking her feel very comfortable and revealing a new dimension to her sexyside.

The other exciting twosomes in Loving You areJC de Vera & Yasmien Kurdi, Polo Ravales & Jean Garcia, and AljurAbrenica & Kris Bernal. This film, written by Fairlane Raymundo anddirected by Don Cuaresma, is produced by Studiomax and released by RegalEntertainment.

The premiere night of Loving You is scheduled on August 17 at SMMegamall.





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