Piolo Pascual on role in Love Me Tomorrow: "Ano ba ako dito, karne?"

Piolo Pascual admits feeling intimidated while working with Dawn Zulueta for their movie Love Me Tomorrow. "I was really intimidated because parang si Miss Dawn, she knows what she was doing so I have to level up."

According to Piolo Pascual, he and Dawn Zulueta have been wanting to work with each other for a long time.

He recalled, “We’ve always talked about this the many times we see each other, [including] sa Star Magic Ball.

“And I expressed my interest to work with her. I’ve seen her films and gusto ko talaga siya makatrabaho.

“When I saw yung last movie niya [The Love Affair], I was so excited [that] I attended their after party.

“I was really excited to work with her because I saw her passion, she doesn’t compromise, yung excitement niya as an artist it has not faded.”

They finally achieved this goal when they were paired in Star Cinema’s new movie Love Me Tomorrow, which opens in cinemas this May 25.

Piolo admitted that he was challenged since he will be working with a veteran actress in the industry.

In real life, they also have an age difference of 8 years. Piolo is 39 while Dawn is 47.

He said, “The challenge there is, of course, working with not just a mature actress, but a veteran actor. Veteran in the business.

“The challenge there for me [also] is huwag ma-starstruck kasi talagang nakaka-intimidate.”

He observed that shooting their scenes went smoothly.

“Day 1 pa lang, I remember, na-shock ako because all our scenes were talagang take one.

“I thought, I’d be okay kasi malapit naman sa akin yung role ko.”

But this didn’t make Piolo complacent while acting aside Dawn, most especially during the early days of their shooting.


“I was really intimidated because parang si Miss Dawn, she knows what she was doing so I have to level up.

“She doesn’t rest on her laurels and she’s challenged on what she’s given.

“Kaya na-intimidate ako doon sa first three days, alam na alam ni Miss Dawn yung ginagawa niya. Hiyang-hiya naman ako kaya nagpursigi pa ako lalo.

“And it’s nice to work with people who have the same passion for their craft because mas matututo ka, mas makakapag explore ka, at mas reresputuhin mo yung trabaho mo. And that’s what I saw from her.”

The Kapamilya actor added, “For me, yung compliment lang, yung favor na maibigay sa 'yo to work with somebody of her caliber, kailangan mas galingan, mas ayusin mo pa yung ginagawa mo.

“I accepted it not as a challenge but as a blessing.”

Piolo shared this during the media conference/set visit of Love Me Tomorrow held last Thursday, May 12, at Alabang Town Center.

In the movie, Piolo plays JC, a DJ who will fall in love with Dawn’s character Cristy, who is years older than him.

DARING PIOLO. One of the most talked-about scenes in the film’s teaser was when Piolo’s character dropped his towel and showed his manhood to Dawn.

Aside from that, there are a couple of scenes where he had to show some skin, including his love scene with co-star Coleen Garcia.

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For the actor dubbed as Philippine showbiz’s Ultimate Heartthrob, this is not the first time that he showed flesh on the silver screen.

“Actually in my launching film Lagarista, I went all out and even in Dekada ’70. I’ve done crazier stuff but it’s a role,” Piolo pointed out.

“That’s the first thing I’ve said, ‘Ano ba ako dito, karne?’

“Sabi ng Star Cinema, oo. Okay, at least alam ko. Workout na lang muna ako ng workout.”

It has also been noticed that Piolo’s roles in his recent films are lighter than the characters he used to play.

One example is his 2015 movie with Sarah Geronimo, The Breakup Playlist, wherein he played a musician with a strong personality.

What is the reason why Piolo decided to accept lighter roles?

He answered, “I guess ito lang siguro yung nabibigay na concept. And we do so much drama on TV anyway.

“So sa movies siguro, mas maganda na mas light para may iba namang flavor.

He added, “When this [Love Me Tomorrow] was pitched to me, that was my first concern, parang masyadong malapit doon sa last role ko sa [The] Breakup Playlist as a musician. So we had to make sure na ibang-iba siya as a character.

“It’s also important that you’re working with your mother studio na alam kung paano i-track yung mga roles na gagawin mo para ma-differentiate din. Pero hindi naman sinasadya na luma-light lang.

“Pero siguro, it’s a sign that at times, ngayon mas gusto ng mga tao na mas light yung napapanood nila. So sumasabay tayo, umaayon lang.”






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