Dawn Zulueta quips about Piolo Pascual's "naked" scene: "For my eyes only!"

Dawn Zulueta on Piolo Pascual's "naked" scene in Love Me Tomorrow: "What did I see when the towel dropped? For my eyes only! Hahaha!"

That moment when a bare-chested Piolo Pascual accidentally dropped his towel and naughtily enjoyed Dawn Zulueta’s shocked but obviously impressed reaction to his package?

It’s definitely one of the highlights of Star Cinema’s romantic-comedy movie, Love Me Tomorrow.

As if that’s not enough, close-up shots of Piolo’s butt curve, six-pack abs, and well-defined biceps will further send moviegoers to kilig heights.

Even Dawn herself is not immune to Piolo’s charms.

When asked about that funny but sexy scene with Piolo, Dawn initially refused to divulge if she actually saw Piolo in his birthday suit.

Dawn naughtily said at first, “What did I see when the towel dropped? For my eyes only! Hahaha!”

Piolo, however, missed the teasing note in Dawn’s statement as he admitted that he was not totally naked during that particular scene.

“What was I wearing? I was wearing something that time. I had to wear something,” he told reporters.

Dawn then added, “Of course you were! What do you want me to say?”

When asked how it feels to be paired with the country’s Ultimate Heartthrob, Dawn confirmed that Piolo really does have a heart-melting stare.

“Kung siya na-intimidate sa akin ako na-intimidate sa titig niya,” Dawn cheerfully exclaimed.

To which Piolo replied, “Kaya nag-work out na lang ako. Hahaha!”

The 39-year-old actor further shared that he was really in awe while working with Dawn in Love Me Tomorrow.

“Sobra. Hanggang ngayon na-intimidate ako sa kanya. She always knows what she’s doing.

“Ang ganda kasi ng character niya and parang nakakatakot because Direk Gino Santos is always relying on his actors.

“So sabi ko, if hindi ka nag-level up, if you don’t know what you’re doing, maiiwan ka talaga.

“With Ms. Dawn most of our takes are take one. Nakaka-intimidate talaga.”


For her part, the 47-year-old actress shared that shooting Love Me Tomorrow was a delightful change of pace compared with her usual heavy drama projects.

“Because we always do drama on TV

“For the movies it’s better to do something light.”





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