Maine on sweet scene with Alden: "Ginawa po namin ni Alden na may tampuhan po kami."

Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards admit that they had a hard time shooting a sweet scene for Imagine You and Me.

The reason: they were in a middle of a tampuhan!

The GMA-7 talent, who plays an OFW named Gara in the movie, volunteered the information during the blog conference of their movie that is currently being screened in cinemas nationwide.

Maine recalled the scene shown in the trailer where Gara teaches Andrew (played by Alden) how to speak Italian. Andrew asks her to translate several words before asking her to give the Italian words of beautiful and you.

"Gusto niyo ng trivia? Yung scene na yun sa restaurant, ginawa po namin ni Alden na may tampuhan po kami," revealed Maine.

"Hindi kami nagpapansinan before the take.

"Nung nagro-roll na...[Maine shows a big smile]."

She continued by pointing at Alden and telling Direk Mike Tuviera who was seated beside her, "Mahirap Direk, mahirap mag-trabaho na hindi kami okay."

When asked why they had a tampuhan, Alden whispered in Maine's ear. The actress eventually said, "Personal na po yun. Pero maliliit na tampuhan lang kasi tapos napapalaki namin."

Alden added, "Dun kami nagkaroon ng deal na hindi na namin papahabain ang tampuhan.

"Kahit naman po siguro kaninong love team, kapag may tampuhan in terms of work, mahirap pong kumilos.

"I don't know Direk if you notice, it's really hard to fake it if something is wrong."

For his part, Direk Mike recalled that for that particular scene, he just let Maine and Alden be themselves.

"I set up two cameras and let it roll. Eighty percent of that is adlib.

"That is where you see the chemistry of Alden and Maine, hindi kailangan scripted lahat.

"I just let them play. Yung mga nuances, you can't direct that."

The Imagine You and Me director also disclosed that there is another scene wherein AlDub created the dialogue on their own.

Direk Mike pointed out, "What you saw in the trailer, yung nag-uusap sila sa garden. [Yung line ni Alden na] 'Aalis ka na? Bakit hindi mo sinabi sa akin?'

"That was completely missing from the draft. Silang dalawa ang nagsabi.

"That scene would not exist at all if not for the two of them. Nasa rehearsal stage na kami."

Maine explained, "Naisip lang namin ni Alden na lagyan ng confrontation, parang kulang sa sakit.

"Gusto naming masaktan ang mga manonood.

"Konting dagdag lang ng sakit."

As for the kilig scenes, the AlDub love team had no problem portraying them on the big screen.

Alden attested to this by saying, "Yung light scenes parang hindi na kami umaarte.

Maine agreed by saying, "Totoo. Sobrang natural po sa amin."

Alden reiterated, "Yung 'action' parang cue na lang sa amin to be ourselves."

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