Anne Curtis shows knife fighting skills; joins Scout Ranger Training School

IMAGE From Instagram account of Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis endured Pekiti Tirsia Kali training, a day with the Scout Rangers and learned proper pistol handling for Buy Bust.

After weeks of training, Anne Curtis looks all set for her first action film titled Buy Bust.

Directed by Erik Matti, this movie will also star former UFC fighter Brandon Vera.

The ABS-CBN actress says she has learned various combat skills such as engaging in knife fights in close quarters and the proper handling of firearms.

"Been training pretty intensely for my new @ErikMatti Film BuyBust From long hours of Pekiti Tirsia Kali training, a day with the Scout Rangers and proper pistol handling. Safe to say I'm pretty psyched."

In a video shared by Erik Matti, Anne can be seen parrying the attacks of her knife-wielding sparring partner and pretending to stab her opponents. At one point, she jumps up in the air with her knife and lands on her knees to strike her attacker below.

The actress, who maintains that she will not use any double in this movie, is also seen shooting at a target range.

A few weeks ago, Anne also underwent training at the Scout Ranger Training School.

She posted on her Instagram account back then: "Spent my whole day at the Scout Ranger Training School. Hindi po biro ang ginagawa ng ating Scout Rangers. Napakahirap. Saludo po ako sa inyong lahat. Stamina and Skill. Stalk like a Panther."

From Instagram account of Anne Curtis

In her Instavid, Anne provided this caption: "Running whilst carrying an extra 12kgs on your body is so painful but they keep the morale high with the running cadence. Masarap na masakit. Sobrang sakit. Salamat po ulit sa lahat ng babae at lalake na kasabay ko sa training kanina. Next time, join me for the run @brandonthetruthvera Mabuhay po kayo SCOUT RANGERS! Hi Direk @erikmatti #BuyBust"

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