SOLD OUT! Cinemalaya gala screenings of Nora Aunor's Tuos and Judy Ann's Kusina at CCP

The CCP gala screenings of Tuos (starring Nora Aunor, left frame), Kusina (starring Judy Ann Santos, right frame) and Hiblang Abo are already sold out, according to Cinemalaya 2016 organizers.

The gala screenings of three Cinemalaya 2016 entries have been declared as officially sold out, according to organizers of the annual film festival.

These are the entries of Nora Aunor (the drama film Tuos), Judy Ann Santos (the family drama Kusina) and Hiblang Abo, which is topbilled by four veteran actors Lou Veloso, Leo Rialp, Nanding Josef, and Jun Urbano.

In the magic-realist drama Tuos, Nora Aunor is cast as Pinailog, the village's "Binukot" or a "kept maiden" chosen in her youth as the fairest amongst the women in her village. She is training her 15-year-old granddaughter named Duwokan (played by Barbie Forteza). However, Duwokan wants to live her own life and be with her beloved (played by Ronwaldo Martin). As Duwokan falls in love with a young man, the sanctity of the "tuos" (the pact between the supernatural deities and their village) is threatened, putting Duwokan's life in danger. Realizing that she cannot just let things be, Pinailog fights for Duwokan's right to live her own life and finds herself coming face to face, literally, with the ghosts of a tradition which shackled her into a life of solitary confinement.

Kusina revolves around Juanita (Judy Ann Santos). She is married to Peles (Joem Bascon) but she later on has an intriguing connection to another man (played by Luis Alandy). Through this film, viewers get to see Juanita in her sanctuary: the kitchen where she creates dishes for her family, her friends, even enemies and strangers. Through cooking, she gets to know the people around her, and in return, reveal herself to them.

Hiblang Abo is the story of four old men in a hospice care facility located in the outskirts of the busy city of Manila. It tells about their debilitating state of oblivion, their remaining aspirations and dreams in the twilight moments of their lives.

Lou Veloso is cast as Huse, Leo Rialp plays Blas, Jun Urbano plays a grieving father named Sotero while Nanding Josef plays a writer named Pedro.

Directed by Ralston Jover, this chamber drama is based on an iconic play written by Rene Villanueva. It also stars Matt Daclan (who brings life to the younger versions of the four main characters), Flor Salanga, Angela Cortez, Anna Luna (who is cast as daughter of Jun Urbano) and Lui Manansala.

Here is the official announcement from Cinemalaya:

As per the CCP Marketing and Sales Department Head Ms. Gemma Marco, as of today, August 5, the following CCP screenings have been officially declared SOLD OUT!

1. TUOS -- gala screening on August 8 (Mon), 6:15 PM, CCP Main Theater (even the Balcony 1 and 2 seats have been taken)

2. KUSINA -- gala screening on August 9 (Tue), 6:15 PM, CCP Main Theater (even the Balcony 1 and 2 seats have been taken)

3. HIBLANG ABO -- screening on August 7 (Sun), 12:45 PM, CCP Little Theater

This is in addition to our previous post about the other SOLD OUT screenings in CCP, as early as July 31, Sunday:

1. KUSINA -- August 6 (Sat), 10:00 AM, CCP Little Theater
2. DAGSIN (Gravity) -- August 6 (Sat), 12:45 PM, CCP Little Theater
3. TUOS -- August 6 (Sat), 3:30 PM, CCP Studio Theater
4. 4 DAYS -- August 12 (Friday), 9:00 PM, CCP Little Theater

You can check out the other opportunities to watch the above-mentioned Cinemalaya competing films (except 4 Days which has just one screening) with their other screening dates!

Gala Screenings of SOME competing films have only few tickets left at the Balcony section. Orchestra seats are / may be all taken. Just check them out at CCP box office and Ticket World outlets. BUY your tickets now!

NOTE: Even if these screenings have been declared as sold out, One Day Pass (and the other premium festival passes) holders need not worry since there are enough seat allocation (allowance) for them.

(To learn more about the official entries, read: Nora Aunor, Judy Ann Santos among stars featured in 12th edition of Cinemalaya)






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