Sam Milby on onscreen partner Zanjoe Marudo: "There were a lot of scenes na sweet kami."

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Sam Milby and Zanjoe Marudo play two gays who enter into a relationship in the gay rom-com The Third Party.

Angel Locsin's Andi is the ex-girlfriend of Sam's character and she suddenly complicates their lives because of her situation.

During the blog conference of The Third Party held at the ABS-CBN compound, Sam said about his character, "I play the role of Max Labrador, isa akong plastic surgeon. I'm very confused kung ano and I'm very childish.

"I can say that I can relate in that sense. Until now, I can be childish."

Zanjoe disclosed, "Ako si Christian Pilar, isa kong doctor ng mga batang may cancer.

"Pareho kami ni Christian sa pagiging mahilig sa bata. Ako mahilig rin ako sa bata kasi madalas nakakatrabaho ko mga bata at kasama ko."

Did Sam have a peg for his gay character?

"I didn't really have a peg. It was more of discussing with Direk [Jason Paul Laxamana] and reading the script.

"I was trying to be more comfortable with a guy [referring to Zanjoe]."

For his part, Zanjoe differentiated this role from past projects where he already played gay characters such as 24/7 in Love (2012) and Bromance: My Brother's Romance (2013).

"Itong Christian na ito iba kasi gusto nila internal lang ang pagiging gay, kaya medyo challenging," admitted Zanjoe.

Sam added, "Siya yung proud na gay. Ako yung paminta at confused rin ako."

Paminta is the Pinoy slang term for closet gay.

ON PLAYING A GAY CHARACTER. Did Sam have hesitations about accepting a gay role?

"I did pero hindi dahil sa character," explained Sam.

"I was worried about my schedule. Five times a week ang Doble Kara and 32 na ako and I want to give my best."

How did Sam and Zanjoe tackle their sweet scenes as a couple?

Zanjoe disclosed, "Kailangan tanggalin mo ang lahat ng nakaharang.

"Iniisip ko talaga na mahal ko ang tao na ito."

"Yung mga ganitong eksena, first time ko magawa, bakit mo pipigilan?"

Sam agreed by saying, "Hindi pwede yung mga hindrances. It was more challenging yourself and there were a lot of scenes na sweet kami.

"There were few scenes na even more sweet.

"Pinagtawanan lang."

Zanjoe recalled, "Yung scene na mas pinagtatawanan namin yun ang mas magandang lumalabas."

THOUGHTS ON THIRD PARTIES. When asked about their thoughts on third parties, director Jason Paul Laxamana pointed out, "Ang keyword diyan, na-humanize namin ang otherwise caricature na characters na nakikita natin sa pop culture.

"Ang function ng cinema ay to provide a different perspective sa audience.

"Kung third party, kadalasan negative nga ang alam natin dun pero this time, ipapakita naman namin ang other side not to defend the third party but to show na ito ang pinagdadaanan niya."

ON INTIMATE SCENE OF SAM AND ZANJOE. Charlene Sawit-Esguerra, one of the writers of the screenplay, recalled seeing how Sam and Zanjoe shot their intimate scene on bed together.

"Usually you get this feeling when you see two men onscreen in an intimate moment, may feeling na controversial or may be some people might even be repelled.

"Pero in that moment, ako kinilig ako.

"I was just so happy for my two characters na they were having a happy moment together.

"And I didn't even think na dalawang lalaki controversial or anything."

As for the lead actress, Ms. Charlene observed, "Si Angel naman, more than what was written down on paper, sobrang naging totoong tao si Andi.

"They made the characters even more human and relateable and exciting to watch."

Direk Jason Paul said their movie is not only targeted to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

"In fact, we don't want to characterize it as an LGBT film kasi it's for everyone."

This Angel-Sam-Zanjoe movie is graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

On its opening day, October 12, the movie earned P10 million in the box office, according to Star Cinema.

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