Jasmine Curtis quips about her lesbian-themed film: "The entire movie is a love scene."

IMAGE Noel Orsal (left frame)

Jasmine Curtis (left frame) candidly talked about her kissing scene with Louise delos Reyes for the Cinema One 2016 entry Baka Bukas. 

Jasmine Curtis Smith took a risk when she accepted a lesbian themed movie with GMA-7 actress Louise delos Reyes.

The TV5 actress candidly talked about her sensitive scenes for the movie Baka Bukas, which is one of the entries competing in the 12th edition of the Cinema One Originals film fest.  

The movies will be screened from November 13-22, 2016 at Trinoma, Glorietta, Gateway, Greenhills and Cinematheque Manila in Ermita.

Did Jasmine meet Louise already in the past?

"No. I met her when we did the first reading. But we have many mutual friends so it wasn't hard...hindi mahirap kapain kung paano siya bilang tao," said Jasmine during the October 26 press conference of Cinema One Originals 2016 held at the 9501 restaurant at the ABS-CBN compound.

When PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Jasmine if she felt awkward being with another woman, she responded by saying:

"No. I think what helped a lot was that first day pa lang, nag-usap na kami ni Louise.

"It was very important na pag alam mo na may ganung kailangan na eksena from you, as an actor, ikaw na ang may responsibility na gawing kumportable for you.

"The most you can do is talk to your director."

Jasmine then described how she made her co-star comfortable.

"I would talk to Louise all the time, nagpapakuwento ako sa kanya. Likewise, nagkukuwento rin ako ng mga kung ano-anong bagay.

"Naghahanap ako ng common ground namin all the time. Para pagdating ng kailangan ng time na may tension, hindi siya awkward.

"Yung tipong it just feels right. Hindi naman sa naguluhan ka na kung ikaw pa ba ang role or tao pero nandun ka na sa time na may saktong level of comfortability na between the two of you.

"No matter whatever happens, it's all professional and kahit anong sabihin ng tao...I have a bond naman with Louise and I made her comfortable enough."

As for her co-star, Jasmine says she cannot speak on behalf of Louise.

"Nagawa ko ang part ko. If at her end, she is awkward, siya yung awkward.

"I think okay naman kasi after nun, we were still talking and we just kept going as we normally would."

How long did they shoot their sensitive scenes?

"Not long. We only did two or three takes of the actual test."

In the future, will she accept lesbian-themed projects as well?

"If it's a nice story, it doesn't matter what your role is as long as you play an important and essential role. I think that's what matters most.

"For me, it's all about how well written it is rather than ano bang kailangan sa role na yun? Kasi yung part na yun, hindi na sa akin yun, sa manager na yun, sa director na yun."

Was she afraid of accepting a lesbian character and think how it would affect her endorsements?

"No. This shouldn't be an issue at all.
"If people of the straight kind can do torrid kissing scenes, at what hour on primetime TV, why can't we make a film with one simple kiss?

"There shouldn't be anything to be afraid of or to be ashamed of or to even consider when it comes to endorsements.

"This is just another film about two people who are in love. Ang difference lang naman is that we're lesbians.

"We're still people."

NO NETWORK WAR. Jasmine is a TV5 star while Louise is a contract artist of GMA-7 but the former says this had no bearing in their interactions with each other.

"As for getting along with Louise, wala naman sigurong kinalaman kung saang network ka.

"It was normal. I was getting to know another new co-actor. We got along well. She's a very easy person to talk to."

Did Jasmine have hesitations about accepting a lesbian-themed movie?

"No because majority of my friends are all working on improving how people
accept or view the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] community.

"It's the most natural for us to do artworks, make films. This is one step further for us to accept them in a different light.

"Although this community is mostly recognized by the gays, what about lesbians?

"For some reason, when it comes to lesbians, there's so much taboo na people are not comfortable with it. Bakit ganun?

"We need to make more people more comfortable, make it more normal. It is normal naman, di ba?"

Will Jasmine have a love scene with Louise for Baka Bukas?

"The entire movie is a love scene," said Jasmine before taking it back and saying, "Joke lang! Baka mag-expect kayo."

What if someone offers for her to do a project like the French movie Blue is the Warmest Color, which is famous for its 10-minute lesbian sex scene, would she accept it?  

Jasmine excitedly said, "Kung pwede sana makagawa ng ganung klase ng pelikula like Blue is the Warmest Color, of course, by all means!

"I would love to but the final say is not with me."

When asked directly if she will have a love scene with Louise in Baka Bukas, Jasmine coyly said, "Watch ka na lang! Para exciting."






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