Funny memes on Oscars 2017 Best Picture mix up PLUS: Who got caught sleeping during the awarding?

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Just to be clear, Moonlight starring Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris won the Best Picture award at the 89th Academy Awards.

The Oscars 2017 broke the Internet on Sunday night, February 26 (February 27 in the Philippines), because of veteran Hollywood stars Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway's "Steve Harvey moment."

Beatty and Dunaway of the 1967 classic film Bonnie and Clyde were tapped as present the award for Best Picture at the 89th Academy Awards.

Unfortunately, Beatty wrongly announced La La Land (starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling) as the winner of the category instead of Moonlight (starring Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris).

The veteran Hollywood stars were reportedly given the wrong cue card that had Emma Stone's name written on it.

La La Land's producer Jordan Horowitz immediately corrected the mistake after giving his acceptance speech. He even welcomed the real winners on stage. 

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Audiences and viewers of the awards show were "shookt" upon learning about the major mishap at the Oscars. Here's how the Twitterverse reacted:


1. When every one learned that Moonlight won, instead of La La Land:

2. Viewers at home be like:

3. The Moonlight cast and crew be like:

4. And then that dreaded moment:

5. La La Land: "We lost by the way."

6. The audience reaction:

7. Steve Harvey be like:

8. That guy who gave the wrong card would probably look like:


9. Chrissy Teigen sleeping at one point of the ceremony is us on a Monday morning class:

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OMG! Wrong Best Picture winner is announced in Oscars 2017
OMG! Wrong Best Picture winner is announced in Oscars 2017


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