Fall in love with "Nights in Rodanthe"

Richard Gere and Diane Lane meet in Rodanthe,North Carolina as two people reflecting on the paths that they will take (orhad taken) in life. Watch the silver screen version of Nicholas Sparks'sbest-selling novel Nights in Rodanthe coming soon in the Philippines.

Richard Gere and Diane Lane reunite on screen in WarnerBros.' romantic drama Nights in Rodanthe, based on the Nicholas Sparksbest-selling novel about two people who discover there is always a secondchance to find the love of your life. James Franco is also cast in this film.

In the movie Nights in Rodanthe, Adrienne (Lane), a woman still reelingfrom her husband's betrayal and struggling to rebuild a life without him, hasjust learned that he wants to come home. Torn by conflicting feelings, she welcomes the chance for escape when anold friend asks her to manage her inn in Rodanthe for a weekend. There, on a remote spot along the OuterBanks of North Carolina, Adrienne hopes to find the tranquility she needs torethink her life.

It's the off-season and the inn would be shuttered but forthe unlikely arrival of its solitary guest, Paul (Gere), a doctor from thecity. A man who long ago sacrificed hisfamily to his career, Paul has come to Rodanthe to fulfill a difficultobligation and to face his own crisis of conscience.

They are two strangers sharing the same roof. But as a major storm closes in, they turn toeach other for comfort, and set in motion a life-changing romance that willresonate through the rest of their lives.

"This is a story about people discovering there is an ActTwo in their lives," says director George Wolfe. "People go through a good portion of their lives making decisionsand choices that are either good or bad, right or wrong, and they often feelthat the state to which it brings them is permanent," he says. "It's as if they reach a certain point andsay, ‘Okay, this is my life; this is what I made of it and this is all I get.'"

"But what happens as we embark upon the second half of ourlives?" asks producer Denise Di Novi. "Do we find love? Do we find oursoul mates if we haven't found them yet, or if we found them and lostthem? People are always discovering newinterests and new facets of themselves. The idea of finding a soul mate in the middle of the journey is not sounusual; sometimes it takes that long and sometimes it happens when you least expectit. The dream of finding true lovedoesn't end at 25. That's the messageof Nights in Rodanthe and I believe many people can relate to that andwill be inspired by it."


"It's a love story for adults," offers Richard Gere. "Theseare people who had lives before they met and aren't looking for a relationshipto define them." Still, this is a relationship that will change how they definethemselves and that, in turn, will alter the course of their lives well beyondthe time they spend together.

Not only does Nights in Rodanthe suggest that it'snever too late to find that one true connection, it is likewise never too lateto regain the self you lost along the way, while living the life you thoughtyou wanted--or that others expected of you.

Above all, it is a sweeping love story in the NicholasSparks tradition.

Opening soon across the Philippines, Nights in Rodanthe will bedistributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. EntertainmentCompany.





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