Piolo Pascual on how he initially felt with son Inigo: "Hindi mo alam how to be a father."

Piolo Pascual says it was easy for him to portray a single dad in the movie Northern Lights: A Journey To Love since he was able to experience in real life the emotions needed for the role. In real life, he takes care of his son Inigo (right).

Piolo Pascual describes his role in the movie Northern Lights: A Journey To Love as “close to home.”

In the film, Piolo plays Charlie, a bachelor who lives in Alaska. He becomes a single father when his child (played by Raikko Mateo) from a failed relationship suddenly visits him there.

In real life, Piolo also has a love child, teen actor Inigo Pascual.

During the bloggers’s conference of the movie on March 14, PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Piolo if he can compare his real-life experiences with his character.

He answered, “Not as dramatic, natural naman kasi when you’re a father, you’ll do everything for your kids.

“So maganda yung sa amin ni Raikko kasi very real yung conflict namin and talagang nangyayari. It’s just so unfortunate that it took many years before we can see each other in the movie, in the story, tapos mahirap mag-adjust.

“Ganon din naman ako with my son, ano. Sa simula, parang hindi mo alam kung saan ka lulugar, hindi mo alam how to be a father. I actually said that in the film.

“It’s so close to home kasi hindi lang for me, but for every father, kasi hindi mo naman talaga matututunang maging tatay until you’re there.”

According to the 40-year-old actor, he felt easier portraying his role, especially with his character’s dynamics with Raikko.

“So yung proseso ko with Raikko, napakagaling. It was easier, hindi naman sa pinagdaanan ko pero it’s a natural feeling to feel awkward, to feel uneasy sa person na kadugo mo or anak mo pala, di ba?

“Ang hirap pero I think that’s the magic in the mystery of moviemaking, we get to delve into real emotions and you get to showcase it for people to relate to and identify with.”


Why was it easy for him to portray the role of a single dad?

He responded, “E, napagdaanan ko kasi yun, e.

“That’s why it was easier for me to act because alam ko yung ganong emotion, alam ko yung ganoong feeling na hindi mo alam kung paano ka magiging tatay sa harap ng anak mo.”

Without spoiling the movie, which will open on March 29 in cinemas, the Ultimate Heartthrob said that there were scenes that also happened to him in real life.

He hinted, “Yeah, marami, kaya exciting siya. Kumbaga when you touch the nerve, mas nagamit ko siya kasi alam mong totoong pinagdaanan mo.”

ABS-CBN actress Yen Santos plays the role of Piolo's leading lady in Northern Lights.

Maricar Reyes, Joel Torre, Sandy Andolong, and Tirso Cruz III also play important roles in this film directed by Dondon Santos.

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