Sandara Park to star in webtoon-based movie Cheese In The Trap

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Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park will play the role of Jan Bora in the upcoming movie adaptation of Cheese In The Trap.

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park adds another title to her list of movie credits.

The 32-year-old actress/singer is included in the movie adaptation of the popular web-toon titled Cheese In The Trap.

The announcement was made earlier today, March 24, by the production agency Mountain Movement Story.

"Dara will be playing the role of Jang Bo Ra and rookie actor Kim Hyun Jin will be acting as Kwon Eun Taek."

Sandara is cast as Jan Bora, the best friend of the lead character named Hong Seol.

A source told Naver that Sandara's impressive acting skills was the main reason why they gave her the role.

The source reportedly said, translated in English by Koreaboo, "We were very surprised by how well Sandara Park was able to pull of the blunt, refreshingly straightforward character of Jang Bora and decided she was very well-qualified for the role."

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Sandara will be joined by Korean actor Kim Hyun Jin. He will portray the role of Kwon Eun Taek, Sandara's love interest in the movie.

The lead cast members include Park Ki Woong who will be playing the role of Baek In Ho.

Korea actor Park Hae Jin will reprise his role as Yoo Jung in the upcoming movie adaptation of the series.

He will be paired once again with Korean actress Oh Yeon Seo for the role of Hong Seol.

The whole cast and crew will have their first meeting later this month, while the filming of Cheese In The Trap will start this April.

Currently, Sandara has been busy promoting her upcoming movie One Step which will also be released in the Philippines by May 10.

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