Iza Calzado's Bliss initially conceptualized for another ABS-CBN actress

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Iza Calzado after auditioning for the role of Jane Ciego in Bliss: "Ang gut feel ko talaga was, 'I think I'm gonna get this job.' And I did."

Iza Calzado was determined to get the lead role when she was asked by director Jerrold Tarog to audition for Bliss.

“Sabi ko, 'Akin 'to. Akin 'to!' I manifested it. I just had a feeling, like a gut feel, that I will land it,” the actress recalled during an interview held recently.

In a separate interview with YES! magazine for its May 2017 issue, Iza admitted that she got very interested when she learned that it would be a psycho-thriller.

“Sobrang na-excite ako kasi psycho-thriller ang paborito kong genre—books, movies. Gustung-gusto ko 'yong getting into the minds of serial killer and whatever,” she said.

Direk Jerrold admitted to YES! that Iza's role was initially conceptualized with Anne Curtis as the lead actress in mind.

However, their group did not get feedback from the It's Showtime host, so they held auditions for the lead role.

For Iza, this was not an issue. She was very focused and confident that she could portray the disturbed actress named Jane Ciego.


“When I auditioned parang it was pretty okay.

“I left the audition feeling good about it, so parang sabi ko may laban ako. But ang gut feel ko talaga was, 'I think I'm gonna get this job.' And I did.”

Iza received an international acting recognition—the Yakushi Pearl Award—at the 2017 Osaka Film Festival for her portrayal in Bliss.

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Based on her experience, Iza hopes that the process of producing films should include auditions for interested actors.

She pointed out, “Hindi naman tayo nakakapag-audition dito, e.

“Kaya ko nasabi 'yon kasi may challenge na I have to audition for it.

“Dito kasi you're tapped to do a project.

“You don't really go through that process.”

The A Love to Last actress said going through an audition is a good challenge for actors.

“For me, honestly, I love to keep on auditioning.

“Masakit siya ha if you didn't get the part. It's a bit of a blow to your ego.


“At the same time, you just have to say, 'Okay, it's not for me. I have to get something else.'”

She further stressed, “I think that is the system that we should start doing, that is the process that we should practice more and more, to be honest.”

Would she be willing to go through auditions for future acting projects?

Iza quickly replied, “Please, let me audition! Why not?!”

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