Angel Locsin on Liza Soberano: "It's time to welcome the new Darna."

Angel Locsin (right) passes the torch to Liza Soberano as the new Darna. Through an Instagram post, Angel congratulates Liza and believes she will be effective in portraying the iconic role. 

As if to pass the torch, Angel Locsin welcomed Liza Soberano as the new superheroine Darna.

Angel posted her congratulations for Liza through her Instagram account this Wednesday night, May 31.

On Tuesday night, May 30, it was formally announced that Liza will be donning the red costume to play Darna in a movie to be produced by Star Cinema.

Angel Locsin portrayed the iconic role in a teleserye in 2005.

Originally, Angel was tapped to reprise the role in the upcoming movie, but she suffered a disc bulge and went through a couple of operations.

For this reason, ABS-CBN management announced that Angel will no longer portray Darna in favor of her health, and looked for another actress to portray the character.

DARNA WELCOMES THE NEW DARNA. In her post, Angel posted Liza’s picture holding the three Darna komiks that came from Angel.

Angel explained the significance of the three komiks she used to own.


"These three comic books are very special to me,” wrote the ABS-CBN actress.

“These were given to me way back when I was asked to play the role of Darna for me to get to know the super-heroine better.

“And for ten years, I kept these.”

Upon learning that Liza was chosen, Angel related that she asked Malou N. Santos, Star Cinema managing director, to hand over the comic books to Liza as gifts.

Angel explained, “Now that we have a new Darna, I asked Tita Malou to give these to Liza as my gift hoping they can help her just as they helped me.”

She continued that she is optimistic that Liza will portray the role effectively.

“And just like the stone of Darna, I'm hoping that she'll pass this on to her next successor someday.

“I wish Liza the best of luck! I know she'll do great :)

“Sa huling pagkakataon, maraming salamat po sa pagmamahal kay Darna.


“Salamat po sa former (GMA) & present network ko (ABS-CBN) pati ang Ravelo family sa pagkakataon.

“Now it's time to welcome our new Darna :)”

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