Rocco Nacino on ABS-CBN star Enzo Pineda: "It doesn't mean na lumipat ng network, mapuputol yung friendship."

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Rocco Nacino says that his friendship with Starstruck V finalist Enzo Pineda wasn't affected after the latter's transfer to ABS-CBN.

Starstruck V finalists Rocco Nacino and Enzo Pineda were reunited in the film Bar Boys.

They play two of the four main characters in this entry to the 2017 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

The two other guys are singer Kean Cipriano and ABS-CBN actor Carlo Aquino.

During the August 5 premiere night of the movie, the two were seen together again after years of not working together.


In 2009, both were finalists of Starstruck V.

Rocco finished as the Second Prince while Enzo was hailed as the First Prince.

The two were also able to work in shows such asĀ Party PilipinasĀ (2010), Time of My Life (2011), and Sunday All Stars (2013).

Currently, Rocco is still with GMA-7 while Enzo has already transferred to ABS-CBN.

In a past interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Rocco said that his friendship with Enzo has not changed even though they are not in the same network anymore.

He said, "We're good, madalas pa rin kaming mag-usap, we talk about working out, madalas kami magkausap sa phone.

"It doesn't mean na lumipat ng network, mapuputol yung friendship."

Bar Boys has started its screening last August 16 and will run until August 22.

ON BAR BOYS. In a separate interview during the August 3 press conference for Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, Rocco said that doing his character in Bar Boys is challenging for him, even though it is a feel-good barkada movie.


He pointed out, "Naging challenging kasi hinding-hindi ako yung character. I have to pull out an alpha male of Rocco and to put into that character.

"I went through a lot of debates. Para siyang master debater, alpha male siya, he's the leader of the whole pack so ipapakita throughout the film na kung kaya ba niya laging ganon in his journey to become a lawyer.

"Yung traits ba niya magagamit niya. It's really a different Rocco at saka first time ko rin magcomedy ng ganito lalo na with three more guys na kasing crazy ko rin. It's just chaos in a good way.

"Maraming makaka-relate dito kasi in the movie, it shows reenactments of what really happens sa students taking up law. Terror teachers that we have, pinapakita yun."

In terms of the title, some can conclude that Bar Boys has a double meaning.

This is the reason why Rocco had to explain to everyone asking what their movie is all about.

"I had to explain all the time. Anong film mo? Bar boys, hmmmmm. Wait. Ito yun ha.

"It's always naman worth it to explain your film. Explaining it actually makes a person more interested in watching the film."

Personally, does he like the title of their movie?

"It's catchy. For a time, sabi ko, do we really want this title?

"But it really gets to you, it gets you thinking. Well it's a film of four guys and [ang title], Bar Boys.

"So siyempre mapapaisip ka dun but if you really find out what it's about, it's interesting."


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