Janella Salvador deals with wardrobe malfunction of mermaid costume

Janella Salvador had to deal with a wardrobe malfunction underwater while shooting My Fairy Tail Love Story.

Janella Salvador had to deal with a wardrobe malfunction underwater while wearing her mermaid costume. 

This happened to Janella while shooting her movie with Elmo Magalona titled My Fairy Tale Love Story.

In an interview with director Perci Intalan, he revealed that Janella encountered some problems with her mermaid costume.

“May isang time na ang ganda na nung shot tapos kailangan niyang umahon kasi nga natatanggal yung parang kabibe sa may dibdib niya. Kaya binalik pa namin siya sa boat, inayos pa namin yung prosthetics.

“Pero wala [nakita], naagapan naman. May presence of mind naman yung bata."

Direk Perci also recalled a challenging scene that Janella did underwater.

'Tapos, may isa kaming scene na parang malulunod siya, nakababa siya hanggang 20 feet.

“Alam kong malalim kasi may taong nag-float sa harapan ko pero nalagpasan pa si Janella doon.

“Nakita ko pa rin siya, ganun kalalim. Wala siyang takot.”

Regal Entertainment recently released a sneak peek of My Fairy Tale Love Story, which is produced by Regal and The IdeaFirst Company.

Here is the synopsis of My Fairy Tale Love Story: "A twist to the usual fairy tale romance. In our story, Chantel is a spoiled brat who did not heed warnings against disturbing a coral formation under the sea. Because of this, she wakes up discovering she has been turned into a mermaid. With the help of her best friend Noah, Chantel tries to break the curse, thinking that the answer lies in that most magical of solutions: true love’s kiss from a Prince Charming."

This romantic comedy also stars Kiko Estrada, Dimples Romana, Dominic Ochoa, and Kiray Celis.

The video shows Janella's character Chantel being shocked when she wakes up with a mermaid tail.

She screams out loud upon seeing her orange tail.

Viewers get to see a glimpse of Elmo Magalona as he swims underwater.

Janella's character dives into the ocean bed filled with corals.

The video shows Chantel lightly slapping her face as she kept on repeating, "This is just a dream. "This is just a dream."

She did not notice her cat was playing with her tail, which caused her tail to react by throwing the cat across the room!  


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