Snooky Serna witnesses Lovi Poe and Erich Gonzales's slapping scene for movie

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Snooky Serna (right) recalls witnessing Lovi Poe and Erich Gonzales's controversial confrontation scene in The Significant Other.

Veteran actress Snooky Serna witnessed the controversial confrontation scene between Lovi Poe and Erich Gonzales in the upcoming movie The Significant Other.

In October 2017, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) reported that the action became real between Lovi and Erich when they shot their confrontation scene.

Their characters had to physically hurt each other after a fashion show.

The incident left Erich with a wounded finger and Lovi with a swollen neck.

When spoke to Snooky during the January 4 press conference for The One That Got Away, she said that she was present during that shooting day.

She narrated, "My goodness, I witnessed it. Talagang nagkasakitan sila, like Erich broke a nail and then si Lovi, nagkaroon ng parang, I think, pasa somewhere on her face.

"Tapos, paulit-ulit pa yung takes so paulit-ulit yung sampal, yung sakitan nila! Shocked kaming lahat."

According to the 51-year-old actress, who plays the mother of Erich in the film, the staff and other cast members did not expect the two ladies to make the fight scene that real.

Snooky recalled, "Noong rehearsal kasi, although expected na kapag rehearsal, you don't give it your all, but we did not think that they would go that far na din.

"Parang nagkapikunan, ganun ang dating. Pero they're both good sports naman, thank God."

Snooky pointed out that the two actresses made amends after hurting each other in the slapping scene.

She said, "After the scene, medyo nagpahinga muna sa kani-kanilang corners, tapos nakita namin nagreconcile na."


So does this mean the "pikunan" only happened between Erich and Lovi's characters?

Snooky answered, "I think so naman. They're both troopers naman."

In a behind-the-scenes video taken after the intense scene was shot, Lovi and Erich were seen hugging each other, including their leading man Tom Rodriguez.

After filming The Significant Other, Snooky is now busy with GMA's upcoming prime-time series The One That Got Away, which also stars Lovi and Dennis Trillo.

Snooky is cast as the mother of Lovi in TOTGA.

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Lovi Poe and Erich Gonzales both hurt after slapping scene
Lovi Poe and Erich Gonzales both hurt after slapping scene





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