Derrick reveals what Barbie observed about his crotch area: "Bumubukol daw!"

IMAGE Miguel Luis Nera (right frame)

Derrick Monasterio on Barbie Forteza's observation about his crotch area: "Nakakahiya na nakaka-flatter."

For nine days, Derrick Monasterio and Barbie Forteza had the chance to shoot in the hidden gem of southern Italy: the Tricase in Salento.

They shot scenes for their upcoming movie, Almost A Love Story, which also stars Lotlot de Leon, Matet de Leon, and Ana Capri.

It is produced by BG Productions in cooperation with Salento Cinema in Italy.

Directed by Louie Ignacio, this film will be released in the Philippines, aside from being shown in Italy.

What are their roles in Almost A Love Story?

“Ako si Luigi. Isa akong painter raised in Italy pero Pilipino ang mother ko. My father is Italian. Mayaman ako dito,” disclosed Derrick during the recent presscon of BG Productions for its 2018 movies.

“Si Barbie is Baneng. Si Barbie po yung anak ng maid namin.”

How has Barbie changed since the last time he worked with her?

“Si Barbie mas mature na siya. Pero close pa rin kami, hindi nawala.”

In the teaser of the movie, Derrick bares his body in snowy Italy. He is seen topless while talking to his leading lady Barbie.

How did he feel while shooting this scene?

“Nakaka-shock,” admitted Derrick. “Your body will come into a shock pag na-touch na yung water kasi intense yung lamig, e.

“Mag-aadjust kasi yung katawan mo.”

Why did he have to bare his torso in this scene?

“Nasa script talaga. Sa script, nandun kasi sa script kaya sinunod ko.

“Si Barbie ang ka-eksena ko at that time. Inaasar niya ako.”

They have become so close that Barbie managed to tease him about his private parts. When they did his topless scene, Derrick revealed Barbie’s observation about his crotch area.

"May sinasabi siya sa akin, e. Nako-conscious ako pag sinasabi niya.

"Bumubukol daw!" said Derrick with a laugh.

How did he feel when Barbie observed that his package was "bumubukol"?


"Nakaka-flatter. Nakakahiya na nakaka-flatter.

"Close kami [ni Barbie]. Sinasabi ko sa kanya, 'Sige nga, tingnan mo nga.' Siya yung naiilang.

"Nakikita ko yung mata niya nakatingin [sa crotch area]. Yung biglang tingin. Uy, huli kita!"

Why did he go topless for that scene in Almost A Love Story?

"Dine-dare ako ni Barbie na maghubad dahil nasa snow kami. Tinatanong niya ko, 'Kaya mo ba?' Sabi ko, 'Pag naghubad ako, maghuhubad ka rin.'

"Naghubad siya ng medyas," said Derrick with a smile.





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