Piolo Pascual shoots music video for "Land Down Under"

Piolo Pascual got a tan when he shot cowboy scenes for his upcoming movie titled Land Down Under. Directed by Rory Quintos, this Star Cinema film also starring Angel Locsin will open in cinemas this November.

A lot of celebrities have been victims of hoax text messagesin the past and Piolo Pascual is the target of a recent smear campaign. Severalpeople have received a text message that goes: "Na-car accident daw si PioloPascual, totoo ba?"

The matinee idol appeared on the October 12 episode of TheBuzz to show that rumors circulating about the supposed accident were nottrue at all.

"Na-surprise din ako [although] hindi naman first time nanangyari ito, di ba? Wala namang nakarating sa aking ganun," sais Piolo. "Therewere some people who texted that they were happy that I was safe....false alarm."

When asked to give an update about his upcoming movie withAngel Locsin, he revealed, "It's almost half-[finished]. Bukidnon is reallynice and world-class. It's a real treat for our viewers and it's not thetypical love story that you will see."

It will be recalled that Piolo and Angel are alreadyconsidered adoptive children of the northern Mindanao province after theywere given a ceremony last September. (Click HERE for related article)

Last Friday, October 10, the Lobo star shot scenesfor the music video that will be used to promote their movie about cowboys inBukidnon and in the outback of Australia.

The music video will be shown on ABS-CBN in the coming days.Titled "I Don't Want You to Go" this is the theme song of their first movietogether titled Land Down Under.

Kyla has her own version of the song "I Don't Want You to Go," which isincluded in her album Heartfelt.





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