Matteo Guidicelli, Shaina Magdayao asked about their stand on pre-marital sex, accidental pregnancy


Matteo Guidicelli and Shaina Magdayao tackle millennial concerns through their movie Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough, which will be shown in cinemas starting May 2, 2018.

What are their insights on pre-marital sex?

This was the forum question posed to cast members of the upcoming movie Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough, top-billed by Matteo Guidicelli and Shaina Magdayao.

Note that in the movie, Shaina’s character (Joee) got pregnant with another man’s child and Matteo’s character (Joey) agreed to become the foster father.  

Taking his cue from the movie’s plot, Matteo cited how pre-marital sex may result to unexpected pregnancy outside marriage.

“It's a choice. Everyone has free will so they can do what they want kumbaga. But again, if someone gives birth, in the end it’s not a mistake, it’s a blessing.”

The 28-year-old Matteo went on to explain how he came to understand the responsibility that comes with having a baby or the weight of being responsible for someone other than one’s self. 

Citing unnamed friends who experienced unwanted pregnancy, Matteo recalled, “When I was in college before in America, abortion is legal there and everything.

“I've experienced friends that went to me because they got pregnant. They told me, 'I formed a line with all those...'

"Then goes crying because they got [an unborn baby] aborted...

“For me, then, it’s a red flag already. But just a red flag."

Now that he's older, Matteo said that having a younger brother whom he loves dearly made him appreciate the value of life all the more.

“Today, I have a 10-year-old brother. I look at everything differently.


"It’s not just a red flag. It’s disturbing.

“It doesn’t make sense to my mind how you can abort a baby. It’s a human being. It’s just foul.

 “If life is born as a gift, then it has to be cherished no matter what.”

Shaina, for her part, did not directly answer the question about her personal stand on pre-marital sex.

But she pointed out that pregnancy outside the context of marriage is not something she wants for herself in real life.

“Well, ako, it’s still also my choice.

“And for me, no, I wouldn’t do kung anong ginawa ni Joee girl. But kung mangyari man sa akin, pananagutan ko rin po—kung saka-sakaling mangyari sa akin.

“Pero hindi po, e. Hindi po siya nangyayari, so yun po."

Shaina and Matteo were interviewed during the presscon proper for Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough, held at 9501 Restaurant in ELJ Building in Quezon City last April 24.

MOVIE PLOT. Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough is the continuation of the two-season cable mini-series Single/Single.

This Cinema One show tells the story of two strangers, Joee (Shaina) and Joey (Matteo), who became roommates in one condo unit.

Since the rom-com series first aired in 2016, Joee and Joey have turned into close friends-turned-lovers who struggle with challenges that beset modern-day young adults or millennials.

The season two finale ended with Joee breaking the news to Joey that she’s pregnant with another man’s baby.

Picking up from that, the movie Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough, Joee is about to give birth and Joey agreed to become the foster father.


However, the young couple will soon realize that raising a baby together is not an easy feat.

Is Joey really ready to embrace Joee's baby as if it's his own? Is their love for each other enough to withstand the ups and downs of parenthood?

The rest of the original cast members of the cable series—Cherie Gil, Ricky Davao, Anna Luna, Brian Sy, and JC Santos—are also part of the movie Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough.

Directed by Veronica Velasco and Pablo Biglang-awa, Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough is showing in cinemas starting May 2.





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