Here's why Jerome Ponce got replaced in a movie by this ABS-CBN actor

Jameson Blake (leftmost) confirmed that Jerome Ponce (third from left) has been replaced by Markus Paterson in the Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wifi. This movie is top-billed by Sue Ramirez.  

Jerome Ponce is no longer part of the Jun Lana film Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wifi.

Last March, Direk Jun revealed this through Instagram when he posted a photo of Markus Paterson doing his pictorial with Sue Ramirez and Jameson Blake.

When a netizen asked Direk Jun if Jerome would no longer be part of the movie, the filmmaker wrote in the comments section: "sadly, yes. schedule conflict."

In a recent interview with Jameson, he told Push that they shot the trailer first before doing the actual movie.

“We just started shooting the movie recently lang. Dapat kasama ko si Jerome Ponce pero hindi na namin siya kasama.

"Si Markus Paterson na yung kasama ko doon. Direk Jun was still finalizing the script kaya medyo late kami nag-start,” explained Jameson.

Fil-British Markus was dubbed as the Romantic Athlete ng UK when he joined Pinoy Boyband Superstar in 2016.

This member of the 2018 Star Magic Circle is currently part of the ABS-CBN daytime series Sana Dalawa ang Puso.

Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi revolves around Norma (Sue Ramirez), a typical teenager who is always online. She created a joint social media account for her and her boyfriend to mark their third monthsary.

She gets a rare illness called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which means she can't be around cellphones, tablets, laptops, and Wi-Fi.

To help her cope with her syndrome, Norma relocates to a remote province with no signal, forcing her to have a long-distance relationship with Leo (Markus Paterson).

Aries (Jameson Blake), the younger brother of Leo, spends time with Norma as he tries to hide his feelings for her.





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