Is Pia Wurtzbach ready to be paired with boyfriend Marlon in an acting project?

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Marlon Stockinger on his onscreen chemistry with Pia Wurtzbach in 2017 MMFF entry Gandarrapido: The Revenger Squad: "It was really honestly just for fun... And it was super organic."

It looks like Pia Wurtzbach, 28, and Marlon Stockinger, 27, have no trouble mixing work with their real-life status as a couple.

At the media launch of their first endorsement together for BlueWater Day Spa, Marlon recalled the very first time he and Pia worked together for a role via the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival entry Gandarrapido: The Revenger Squad.

The pro Swiss-Filipino racer told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “It was really honestly just for fun. We found out one day before they wanted to shoot that scene.

“And it was super organic. We were actually just being ourselves. Whether it was something on the script, I dunno.

“But it was a lot of fun. I was really happy to share the moment with her.”

Is he open to being paired with her again for an acting project?

Marlon answered, “I did the end credits for Pia's Revenger movie. We had a scene together.


“Whether there's gonna be some more, I don’t know.

“I’m not as great an actor as Pia, of course. She's very stunning. Maybe in the future.”

In the same vein, Pia said that it would be a blast to be teamed up with her boyfriend.

“If the project is there and the story is nice, why not?

“Although I have more fun with Marlon in real life though than onscreen. I think I like our real-life chemistry better than what we would show on TV.”

Marlon may be a professional racer but he said that being in front of the camera or dabbling in commercial modelling has been “really easy” for him since his mom used to be a model.

He elaborated, “So I grew up in the industry. It has actually been a big part of my life.

“Even with racing, although it’s very different—there’s fuel, there’s gasoline, it’s dirty—modeling side of things, it’s part and parcel of what I do in terms of motor sports.


“As an athlete, you have lots of sponsors and endorsers as well. It has constantly been part of my life when I was racing.”

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Pia revealed that she will be part of an ABS-CBN show and she will do another Star Cinema movie.

"May show. May movie. Pero hanggang dun na lang muna yung pwedeng ishare ko. Everything is still in the works. I don't wanna jinx it. I'll keep it a secret for now. It's very exciting."

Pia then praised the Kapamilya Network for being instrumental in her showbiz career. 

"We're still planning everything and I want to wait for ABS's go signal before I can share anything. But definitely I'm really happy with ABS. They've been taking good care of me and really planning out my career for the next year."

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Pia Wurtzbach not yet ready to settle down with Marlon
Pia Wurtzbach not yet ready to settle down with Marlon


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