Is Andi Eigenmann willing to work in GMA-7?

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Andi Eigenmann says she has several factors to consider before agreeing to be part of a project. "I'm always willing to still accept projects naman. Never naman ako nag-ayaw."

Andi Eigenmann clarified that she is not entirely leaving showbiz after she decided to take a break from the industry in 2017.

However, she explained that she has several factors to consider before accepting projects, mainly to maintain a work-life balance.

The 28-year-old showbiz royalty—being the daughter of Jaclyn Jose and the late Mark Gil—was asked if she will be more visible now in showbiz after starring in her latest movie, The Maid in London.

She replied, “Hindi naman po sa gano’n. I’m always willing to still accept projects naman. Never naman ako nag-ayaw.

“Pero if may mga opportunity, I’m okay with it.

“But I’ll still balance that and living away from the city.”

Andi was interviewed by (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other bloggers during the July 3 premiere night of The Maid in London held at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas.

She admitted that she needs to consider several things before accepting an acting project.

“Hindi naman masyadong choosy kasi ako naman ang hina-hire. 

“Pero siguro as long it’s a movie I believe, it’s a story that I feel I want to be part of, para i-share sa mga tao.”

Prior to taking a break, Andi was highly identified with ABS-CBN.

But since she is now a freelance artist, is she open to accepting offers from GMA-7?

“Opo. Yes,” she replied.

Does she have any offer now?

“Wala pa naman po.”

ON AWARDS.  Does she expect to win an award for her portrayal in The Maid in London?

“No. I don’t expect any of those.

“I just am passionate about acting and filmmaking and I do my best because I love what I do, but I never expect anything like that,” she answered.

Andi takes pride in her current movie, which also stars Polo Ravales and Matt Evans.


“I’m really excited to finally watch it. Everybody, every single person who is part of the production, really worked hard for it and I know that this means a lot to the producrs and all the cast and crew kasi tulong-tulong kami.

"In London, we're just a small production kasi we're in a different country. I'm just really proud of the effort and the hard work that everybody put in." 

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Andi Eigenmann declares,
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