Bela Padilla learns Baybayin for The Day After Valentine's

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"Para akong bumalik sa pagka-high school," says Bela Padilla about Baybayin, which she studied for the movie The Day After Valentine's.


This was Bela Padilla’s immediate response when asked how she studied the pre-Hispanic script called Baybayin. 

Bela was required to study Baybayin for her character named Lani in Viva Film’s upcoming movie The Day After Valentine’s.

She told reporters during its press conference held recently, “Yung alphabet na fineed sa atin, yun ang alam natin. 

“Actually, alam din naman dapat natin yung Baybayin. Pero kapag na-gets mo na, nakakaaliw siya.” 

Despite its difficulty, Bela said that she and the other staff members of the movie enjoyed studying Baybayin. 

She admitted, “Kaming lahat sa set, kinailangan naming maging, kahit papaano, familiar sa amin ang letters. 

“So, kami may inside jokes or secret letters kami na kami lang ang nakakaalam. 

“Alam mo yung high school ka, nagpapasahan kayo ng notes, 'tapos iniiba mo yung spelling, yung best friend mo yung nakaka-gets.

 “Ganun yung feeling ko rito, para akong bumalik sa pagka-high school.”


Through the movie The Day After Valentine’s, Bela hopes viewers will become interested to learn about Baybayin.

Earlier this year, the Congress approved the use of Baybayin as a national writing system.  

 “Yun nga, it should be something that we learn kasi it's part of our culture, it's part of who we are.


 “Sana the movie will helps out in that sense as well,” Bela said.

The Day After Valentine’s is one of the movies featured in the 2018 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, which will run from August 15 to 21 in cinemas nationwide.

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