Rhian Ramos connects easily with ABS-CBN actor JM de Guzman

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Rhian Ramos describes how easy it is to work with JM de Guzman, "When we do scenes together, parang feeling ko wala akong ka-effort-effort because JM is so generous." Rhian and JM are co-producers of their movie Kung Paano Siya Nawala.

For the first time, GMA-7 actress Rhian Ramos and ABS-CBN actor JM de Guzman are working together in the movie Kung Paano Siya Nawala produced by TBA Studios. 

Not only Rhian and JM are working as actors, they are also co-producing the film, which is directed and written by Joel Ruiz. 

“Ganun namin kamahal ang mga roles na ‘to, sobrang gusto namin na kami ang gumanap ng mga roles na ‘to,” said Rhian in a recent interview. 

Rhian is happy that she connected easily with JM. 

What did she learn about the Kapamilya actor while doing their first project together?

“We worked really well together. Kapal ng mukha kong sabihin ‘yon. Haha!” she said. 

“Pero hindi, he’s very easy to work with. 

“Parang when we do scenes together, parang feeling ko wala akong ka-effort-effort because JM is so generous. 

“No walls, which is hard to achieve, siyempre, because as people we always put these walls up to protect ourselves. 


“But in this project, I feel like nawawala.” 

In Kung Paano Siya Nawala, Rhian is cast as Shana, whom she described as a free-spirited and very self-confident young lady. 

She will meet Lio (played by JM), a man with a face blindness or someone who cannot recognize or remember faces. 

Although it’s not common for people to have this kind of condition, Rhian said moviegoers will still be able relate to the movie.

She pointed out, “Yung mga insecurities doon sa loob ng movie is for everyone.” 

“I think everyone, once in a while, questions themselves, ‘Am I good enough for this person?’  Yun ang ilalabas namin sa relationship ni Lio at Shana.” 

As for her character, Rhian said, “Magkaiba kami in some ways, but we’re also the same in some ways. 

“I feel like all people, we just grew up with different backgrounds, but we have the same feelings and we all go through the same things. 


“My character here is a free-spirit, she’s very self-confident. 

“Pero makikita mo rin sa kanya, because of life, kailangan niyang protektahan ang sarili niya, just like the rest of us. 

“Siguro if I can say anything else about her, medyo may tendency din siyang maging escapist. 

“My Instagram bio is professional escapist because I act for a living. Parang natuwa lang ako.” 

Kung Paano Siya Nawala is scheduled to be released this 2018. 


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