Aga Muhlach absent at Bagets Christmas reunion

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The cast of 1980s hit movie Bagets reunites for a Christmas dinner. Cast members (L-R) Herbert Bautista, Raymond Lauchengco, Cheska Iñigo, Eula Valdes, Ramon Christopher, and Yayo Aguila attended the December 2 mini-reunion.

The cast members of the 1980s' hit movie Bagets reunited for a Christmas dinner last December 2.

Present during the reunion were Eula Valdes, Yayo Aguila, Cheska Iñigo, Raymond Lauchengco, Ramon Christopher "Monching" Gutierrez, and Herbert Bautista.

Raymond was also joined by his wife Mia Lauchengo.

Except for Raymond, who is active in theater, and Herbert, who is currently mayor of Quezon City, the rest of the main stars are still visible on the entertainment scene.

Eula, Yayo, Raymond, Cheska, and Monching posted snapshots on their respective Instagram accounts.

Cheska turned sentimental in her caption, "I didn't have a high school barkada, instead I had these guys. Thank you Lord for sharing them with me. 34 years and counting..."

Monching used the first verse of the Bagets' theme song, "Growing Up."

He wrote, "Here's to the old times and the best of new ones, here's to a song of glee, finding our way from illusions to reality."


Raymond's pretty wife Mia was a "#salingpusa" because she was not part of the Bagets barkada.

She poked fun at herself in the caption: "One of the most common comments in photos of this nature run along the lines of 'Girl in black dress, hu u?'"

Absent at the mini-reunion were Aga Muhlach and William Martinez, who are still active in showbiz; JC Bonnin, who is now a pastor in California, U.S.A.; Jobelle Salvador, who is based in Tokyo, Japan, where she is finishing her "masters in baking."

Bagets was a blockbuster hit directed by the late Maryo J. Delos Reyes, and produced by VIVA Films. It was shown in February 1984.

Following its success, VIVA Films decided to produce a sequel in November 1984.

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